Monday, May 21, 2012

Okay, I suck lately!

Hey guys,

Sorry I've been so out of touch on the site, I have a ton to update and I promised excerpts, which I will hopefully get to sometime this weekend (cross your fingers). Til then, here is the run down of what has been going on, professionally and personally for those of you who have been wondering what's been up lately.

*graduation: well, yep, I finally did that and while it only lasted the weekend, the sporadic mini-vacation that my grandparents decided to drag me on was not. SO a few days wasted away from work.

*Moving: That's right, boys and girls, I moved about 4 hours away from my old house into the bustling city of Charlotte, North Carolina. Lemme tell you, moving is a beast at best and so another week wasted.

*Birthday/Planned vacation: Turned the big 2-3 and took a fabulous vacation with Gabrielle Evans and our friend Jason to New Orleans. I planned on working there *snort* yeah.... Hurricanes anyone? SO writing got rescheduled for when I returned...

*Guess who dislocated their knee on vacation?? THIS KID. Yeah, I suck at being spontaneous apparently. lol I gotta do the doctor thing now and am so far behind on work. However, I'm working on  a script currently (I'll stick that on my WIP about the same time I do the excerpts) that i'm really excited about.

******* The Picture is a hint on what I'm playing with *evil grin************

A couple of new releases: Gladiator Games at Siren Publishing
                                         and The Incubus Song at Silver Publishing

Much love to everyone. Sorry for not dropping you a note sooner. :D

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