Sunday, August 12, 2012

Updating Website :D and Theme Music (bumbumbum)

Hello Everyone!

As usual I am behind in the whole updating website/being out the writing cave thing. I'll give you a break down of what I'm up to, a sneak peak so to speak (Try saying that five times fast!!).

I'm working on a couple Christmas pieces, one that is a historical regency MM, one that is tentatively named Archangel Kisses about Madigan's dad, Raphael, from His Guardian Angels, and one of which is a companion piece to the Cajun's Pet called The Cajun's Christmas, for those of you who who are interested.

Got a lot of new things coming down the pipe, including the next Rent Boys, Ravyn Warriors, and Deadzone.

Also a new series for those of you who like the shapeshifter type called "Marked". The first two are turned in, Collared in Ink and Acquired in Time, and I believe there are dates for them, have to check pub's website and get back to you on that.

Theme music:

By request, I've put together a playlist for 10 of my books for the entertainment of the masses to give you insight in what I was thinking while writing them.

1) The Cajun's Pet(Gideon's Theme)- Cinema Bizarre: My Obsession
2) Ravyn's Blood(Dageus to Alex)- Seether: Careless Whisper
3) Ravyn's Heart (Ally-cat to Damian)- Apocalyptica: Not Strong enough
4) Angel Bound (Bren to Madigan): Framing Hanley: Built for Sin
5) Angelic Union (Marius to his lovers) Cinema Bizarre: Angel in Disguise
6) Possessed by Love (Jason to Adam): Within Temptation: All I need
7) Reluctant Surrender (Andren's song): Within Temptation: What Have You Done
8) The Incubus Song (Dante to Eroc): Silvertide: Devils Daughter [okay replace the word "daughter" for "son". ;)
9) Gladiator Games (Antinious's theme song): NIN: Something I Can Never Have
10) Working Stiffs (Jim and Jason's song to Ager): Adele: One and Only

So there you have it folks. A sorta kinda playlist from my head to yours. :P



  1. Goodness! I cannot wait for the next book in Deadzone. :)
    Being one of these obnoxious & stressy readers I hate so much myself, do you have any sort of idea of when it will be planned? Just so I know how long I have to bite nails before reading it. ;)
    And Christmas pieces, too? It's going to be good!

    1. Currently the next Deadzone is scheduled to be finished the first or second week in September. It's started and plotted so I just have to sit down and write it. :) I hope both the Christmas pieces and the next Deadzone will meet expectations. Now, back to that naughty or nice list of mine...