Monday, October 1, 2012

Announcements and NO Rent Boys

Hello World!

Here is the weekly schedule:

  • Edits for Craving Distant Tides, Mermen anyone? :P 
  • Writing, writing, and more writing! Hoping to get a book done this week. 
Announcement numero uno:
Cat and Mouse, the first of a new shifter series, has been accepted for publication at Siren Publishing. I will post blurbs as soon as I write them. :)

Announcement numero dos:
For those of you who have been wondering about The New Orleans Rent Boy series, the series has a new home with a new publisher and will be hopefully coming out in December.

The Cajun's Pet has been completely redone. This new version has Evan's POV. So you get to see the Cajun King's take no Gideon and his situation. I really had fun re-vamping this one so I encourage you to check it out.

A Cajun's Christmas is the holiday accompaniment for the Cajun's Pet. The couples first Christmas together was quite the experience. :D

For those of you who haven't read The New Orleans Rent Boys before, it's a contemporary BDSM series with a cast of rent boys called the French Quarter Brats who find redemption and love with the men who see them for more than their occupations.

I'll release more details as they become available. :P

Finally, Guess who got the rest of the stuff for GRL? This kid!!!

Happy Reading!

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  1. omg really? New home for the boys?
    Ah, Wherever they'll be, I am so excited to hear the second book might be coming soon! I LOVED the first book!
    >o< ooohh~~... and if it's really that different then heh... yeah, I shall be getting it again. :D Yey~ <3

    1. It's a whole new story,honestly. :) There are some paranormal elements added as well as Evan's POV. It's twice as long as it was in its original incarnation. I'll make more announcements when it gets closer to time. Thanks for reading!