Monday, October 15, 2012

Who is Ready For GRL? THIS KID!!!

Agenda For the Week!

It is my pleasure and privilege this week to be attending GayRomLit in New Mexico with a ton of my favorite authors and yours. :P I will be doing a signing and I've got some pretty cool swag to hand out. [Hint, Hint: Zombie survival kits anyone?]

So those of you who are attending, come find me! I'd love to see some of you face to face. <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

Since I will be gone majority of the week, I suppose I won't be getting too much done. Here is the rough schedule and I'll try to update when I have a firmer Itinerary for all the GRL events.

  • Monday: Writing/Packing/Turning in the Christmas piece I've been harassing everyone with.
  • Tuesday: Last minute packing and edits. I have to get the final edits in for Craving Distant Tides as well as the edits for Angelic Sight [Unexpected Angels 2]. The others will just have to wait til I get back.
  • Wednesday: I will be up in the air for majority of the day so I won't be around much. If you could see me, I would be happy dancing all over the country until I arrive in NM.
  • Thursday-Saturday: I will be at the convention saying Hello to everyone, giving out fun stuff, and attending events. 
  • Sunday: Goodbyes to everyone and a long plane ride home. ;) It is definitely a recovery day. 
There you go, wonderful people who actually read this stuff. :P My agenda for the week. I will leave you with a tease of GRL!


  1. i hope you've enjoyed your time over in NM! that place is absolutley beautiful! :)

    was wondering though, is there a list of these events that your currently at, for next year? i would love to attend one..

    1. Hi Denise,

      New Mexico was splendid. The people were awesome and I can't tell you how much trouble we got into. ;) I will make a separate page on the blog about my events for next year. The only one I am for sure attending right now is the next GayRomLit in Atlanta, GA October 16th through the 20th. If more events are added I will add them to that page. :D