Monday, December 3, 2012

A Cajun Christmas Contest!!!

Hey World!

To celebrate the Rock Bottom Boys and Christmas. I'm hosting a contest on my blog now until December 14th . The winner of the contest will receive A Cajun's Christmas and Cat and Mouse[Beast Games 1] when they release, along with a Christmas card from yours truly. :D

To enter, leave a reply to this post to the following questions along with your contact email so that I can get in touch with the winner once he or she is chosen, what is your favorite holiday tradition and which of the boys would you like to hang out with on the holiday? why?

Good luck!


  1. My favorite Christmas tradition is hanging stockings...I'd love to hang out with Gideon, because he reminds me of myself -- always on the lookout for that permanent dominant man. Hope mine turns out to be a wolf shifter as well!


  2. My favorite is New Year's Day, because I feel like it's a chance for us all to get a do over. Although I know it's not, it is the start of something new that makes me feel like I get another shot at something I couldn't quite grasp the previous year. I would like to hang with Jamie, because he seems like he likes to have a good time, while all the while he's searching for Mr right.

  3. Erm... My Fav has got to be....Christmas Eve, when its all freezing and snowing out side and I’m all snuggled up under a blanket watching cheesy Christmas movies, fighting for sofa space with my dog Riffraff, Glass of wine in one hand and a mince pie in the other ( whilst keeping a sneaky eye on said hound in case he tries to run off with my mince pie )all the lights off except from the pretty twinkly lights on my Christmas tree, all the gifts wrapped and looking gorgeous under the tree...sooo cosy - And who would I like to spend it with... oh why do you do this to me, there are too many to choose from lol - I suppose I would be being greedy if I say them all... But then again it is Christmas - I have to choose 1...Ok I would choose.... Dex no Red No Dex.. I’m a Dex girl through and through lol.

    Contact =

  4. My favorite holiday tradition is I make homemade Spanish eggnog and we all love it!

  5. Thanks so much for the contest~
    Hmm... I'm not really sure we have a tradition. We don't always have a tree every year so doing the ornaments and stuff isn't one.. or stockings.. So I guess My favorite Holiday tradition is how every year, whether it's Tamales or Posole, My mom never fails in making either one of those meals. It's something I look forward to every single year. When she starts cooking and the aromas of them waft into the air... It seriously all feels like home and Christmas. heh... that old word Hearth, fits that feeling quite nicely~


  6. so, for as far back as i can remember, Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. which, i suppose is rather ironic since when most people/kids think about that holiday the first thing that comes to mind is trick or treating/candy. but, that's never been the 'in' thing for me. ever since i was a little kid, i've always been fascinated with that day, more so for the actual meaning/feeling behind it then anything else. i have this itch for anything paranormal/supernatural. it's just something that's always been in me. as a kid, instead of trick or treating, i'd end up hanging out with a bunch of older kid's within the cemetery. or, as i grew older a group of us would just stay indoors that night watching scary movies until we could no longer hold our eyes open.

    even now, every Halloween, i make sure i have the day off. and, just as dusk is setting, i always take a long walk through the cemetery close to me. then it's a night filled with whatever horror movie i can get my hands onto, mixed with a variety of pizza and popcorn combo's and lots/lots of ice cold Vanilla Coke.

    hmm, as for who i'd like to celebrate it with. that would be Allasandro and Bren. i know you said to pick one, but i don't think i could choose between those two.


    1. i guess i should also mention that the reason why trick or treating never held interest with me is because i'm allergic to chocolate and nuts.

  7. Favorite holiday tradition would be that all of us spend Christmas Eve night at my mom's house. Even with all us children grown up and me having my own child, we still keep that tradition. It is wonderful to wake up Christmas morning and don't have to drive anywhere :)

    I would want to spend a holiday with Kane and Abel. I could not choose between them. Would love to have a conversation with them about Cian, about bringing Jeremiah back into the relationship and Mustang and Gray :)


  8. I don't really care about any holiday anymore. I would just do anything to be someone like Madigan surrounded by paranormal or regular men who love me so no longer alone. Would not care if I was rich or anything if I had that.

  9. My favorite holiday tradition is making cookie and them cutting them out and decorating cookies with my kids :) They make a huge mess but they have so much fun doing it.
    I'm not sure if I could choose who to hang out with maybe it could be like a huge get together with them all, that could be fun :)

    1. Forgot to put my email :)

  10. My favorit holiday tradition is watching the Disney Christmas Show on television at 4 pm. That show has been on Danish tv every christmas (exept once) since 1950! My parent still watches it too. It is so cosy amd christmasy.
    I would like to meet Ally-cat, because I just like him so much :-)