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Contest and Guest Blogger Kris Jansen

Hello Everyone!
Please help me welcome my guest blogger for the week Kris Jansen. I had the privilege of reading her new short story One Man's Treasure. Show her some love, please. Comment below and leave your email address to be entered to win a copy of her new release. Two winners will be selected. Contest will run through Friday the 25th. Thanks, guys!

Thank you to Jana for having me on her blog this week.  I'm a new author and am really excited to break into this wonderful industry. So for the contest and for my own curiosity, what is your favorite thing to read in MM romance? Include the answer in your comment. :) Here is the blurb and excerpt from One Man's Treasure!

Thank you,
Kris Jansen

Categories: Erotic Romance, M/M, Sci Fi
Word count: 14,429
Heat Rating: Spicy
Published by: White Orchid Press
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Kane is known for his prowess on the battlefield. Unfortunately, that reputation has triggered the council of his native planet to ask him to breed. Kane is determined to only mate for love so he concocts a plan to fake a joining to another male before jumping planet and leaving everything behind. He never counted on meeting a thief who would turn his plan into something more than a means to escape.

Jewl was just looking to make some cash. He never expected to come face to face with the warrior he was stealing from. Threatened with death if he doesn’t cooperate, Jewl agrees to be Kane’s pretend bond mate. But it will take more than just good acting for them to dupe the Warlord council.

As they spend more time together, it’s harder to remain indifferent. Will the possibility of love be enough to hold the two together?

****Story Excerpt****
“Which do you value more? Your treasures or mine?” The harsh voice of his captor breathed against his neck. Jewl froze. Holy shit. It was a Warlord. He hadn’t expected to get caught by a friggin’ Warlord!

He cursed himself a thousand times for his stupidity. Jewl was a master thief because he refused to take unnecessary risks. He was a coveted member of the Rats Guild and the highest rated member of the Thieves League. He had been caught because he’d gotten careless.

 Rough hands cupped his balls and applied excruciating pressure. He yelped in pain, and the priceless collection of data disks he’d been holding fell to the floor. “I said which do you value more, your treasures or mine?” The Warlord growled. The hard edge of a laser blade pressed against Jewl’s back over the exact location of his kidney. That hand squeezed tighter on his jewels, causing him to rise up on his tiptoes to try to escape the pressure.

“Sweet goddess!” he screeched in English. Usually, he spoke the universal Galactic dialect, but sometimes, especially when he was stressed, he fell back into his native Earth language.

“God damn Earth brat!” the Warlord barked.

The slightly raised flesh on the back of the other man’s hand where it clutched his sac was in the familiar patterned barcode and it declared he was a native of the planet Xandun Nalla, Nalla for short. Jewl hadn’t been expecting any of the natives to be in residence when he’d docked his Spacer with the station circling the planet a little over half an hour ago. A race of genetically engineered mercenaries, the super-humanoids of Nalla were not the race to fuck with. Of all the races that could’ve been guarding the station it had to be a Warlord.

“Look, I know it looks bad, but I just want you to know that it isn’t what it looks like!” The pressure on his favorite appendage increased, and he moaned in pain.

“Wrong answer, Earth brat.” the Warlord rumbled. “I know you just copied our defense hard drives, as well as my weapons specs to the three other satellites above Nalla. Who are you working for?”

Jewl bit his lip, stalling for time. Stupid. So stupid. If it hadn’t been for the half-million credit chips that he’d been offered to steal the new hard drive specs, he wouldn’t have taken such a stupid, unnecessary risk. The rush job had been part of it. An extra twenty-thousand credits had been the bonus upon completion. Greed. It got him every time.

The pressure eased for an instant, and another round of pain wracked him as blood rushed back into his sac. Good Goddess! He was going to be sterile by the time the Warlord eased up. The laser blade just cut his back where it had rested during their conversation, and he felt the sticky evidence trail down his back to hit the top of his jeans. It stung like a sonofabitch.

“It was an independent contract job!” he groaned in a panic. “Unknown sponsor contacted me through a broker that works at the Guild. I was just supposed to copy and deliver to the drop-off location. The Guild was arranging payment into my account!” The hand holding him fell away, but the blade at his back didn’t ease off his skin.

“So you’re just a Rat?” the Warlord spat in disgust.

 The Warlords had a strict warrior code that saw the Rat Guild as some deplorable immoral institution. Jewl just saw it as a paycheck. A job. Something he was good at. Oddly enough, he was offended by the warrior’s disdainful tone.

“I’m a Master Rat actually.” He sniffed. The blade cut deeper, increasing the burn and the sharp pain. He bit his tongue to keep from crying out as his flesh smoked.

Okay, the guy obviously had no sense of humor. Probably like the rest of his race, he took himself way too seriously and needed to get laid with an urgency that startled the imagination. “Hey man, easy with that blade. You slice and dice too deep, and I won’t be good for any information.”

“If you’re just a hired thief, then you have no further information to provide me.” the Warlord reminded.

Oh, shit. He was right. Jewl sent a quick prayer up to the Goddess. The natives of Nalla were not big on forgiveness or releasing prisoners. It was common knowledge that if someone was caught by a Warlord, they might as well kiss their thieving ass goodbye.

“All right.” Jewl spoke with as much dignity as he could muster. Given the circumstances, he thought he was doing alright. “Will you at least allow me to send a message to my family back on Earth? I don’t want them looking for me after I’m gone.”

This seemed to give the Warlord pause. The silence stretched on for endless moments, and Jewl nearly squirmed in impatience. He wanted to turn around and confront his tormentor, demanding he say something, anything.

 “Do you have a life partner back on Earth?” The question surprised Jewl. Since when would a Warlord care? “How about young?”

“Hardly.” Jewl snorted. “My baby sister, she has a young. I take care of them.” He paused. Was he giving away too much information? Was the Warlord going to seek revenge against his family after he dispatched Jewl?

“So you do not have a life mate?” the Warlord asked again. Was the guy deaf?

“No. I don’t.” If the Warlord was going to kill him, Jewl wished that he’d just get it over with.


  1. It sounds exciting, definitely wanna read it

  2. This sounds really good and will have to go on my TBR pile!
    goaliemom0049 (at)

  3. I love the blurb and excerpt. Going on my wish list.

  4. this sounds REALLY interesting, count me in!

    congrats on the new book! :)


  5. Oooh~~ This sounds so interesting... heh... :D Please count me in!
    As for what I like to read in MM romance... right now I am totally in love with shifter/vampire. I love reading all the different versions to these supernatural creatures that there are. Lately, I've also gotten more into police/firefighter books too. Haha... There are just so many things to fall in love with! Ohh!! Also Fairy Tales re-told. Haha... I loved the Cinderella one by Marie Sexton. xD

    Thanks again for the contest!


  6. The blurb for your story sounds really good, it's going on my to buy list. Right now I love reading anything paranormal, sci fi and magic. I look forward to more of you books.
    Thank you, Jacqueline

  7. It sounds interesting and awfully addicting, like one of those books you read and keep asking yourself where the pages have gone after you're finished. It's one of those authors you can't get enough of, want more, more, more. Going to the wish list.

    For what I like the most in MM romances is how it differs from what societ stands for it makes their love look deeper and pure because they are not only fighting for their love, they are also fighting agaist societ just to justify who they love. And of course the hot and wild sex.