Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Weekly announcements

Hi Everyone!
A couple announcements this week:

Andrew Ainsley is a Deadzone-sponsored runner participating in the most intense cross-country race of
his life. However, a double marathon through the wilds outside the safety zones will bring trouble he didn’t anticipate.

Marcel Carter has been in love with Andrew since he started running for Deadzone five years previously but never had the courage to ask him out. It isn’t until Andrew is lost that he realizes he’s been wasting time.

Matthew Gibson volunteers frequently for dangerous field missions, leaving little time for real relationships. He thinks he’s ready to put that life behind him until his cousin, Brooklyn, asks him to help rescue Andrew. When the three meet, sparks fly, and Matthew thinks he’s finally found what he’s been missing.

As they fight to survive zombies unlike any they’ve faced before and uncover dangerous government conspiracies, they’ll have to determine if their newfound love is real or if it only exists in the dead zone.

  • The Incubus Lesson [Incubus Contracts 2] is now available on all third party sites. 

 Remy Eschette has been a bad boy. So bad, in fact, that he's attracted the attention of a class A Incubus with sex and contracts on his mind. Remy’s soul is up for grabs, and Deacon steps in with an offer Remy is better off not refusing. He can become his Hell Hound, his live-in servant, in exchange for his life.

Deacon Anderson is an immortal Incubus with no idea what it takes to make a commitment. Unfortunately, taking on a Hell Hound is the biggest commitment of all. Avoidance is the only viable option. But when Remy refuses to sleep with him until Deacon helps him right the wrongs of his past, the Incubus is faced with spending more and more time with him.

Love brings redemption, but both struggle with their respective sordid pasts. Time will tell what sacrifices they have to make in order to find a loving relationship in the new bargains they strike.

  • Working on a new series with Anitra Lynn McLeod. I'll post blurbs and teasers soon!! 


  1. I just finished reading Deadzone 2 and I loved it ,I am looking forward to Brooklyns story next. Love all your series but Deadzone is my Fav. Thank you :)

    1. You're very welcome, Jacqueline. I'm happy you enjoyed it. :) Deadzone is a trip to write and I'm lucky to have some very awesome fans of the series. More to come soon... <3


  2. Thought I'd stop by and say howdy! :)

    1. Howdy back, fabulous lady! <3

    2. I can't wait to read this book but I'm getting totally into the Marked series. :)