Monday, July 1, 2013

Hello Lovelies!

Hi Everyone! 

I feel like I haven't actually posted anything in a while. Summer always seems to be chock full of stuff that takes up my attention. Ah, such is life. Anyway, few announcements this week.

First off, Happy Independence Day! I will be enjoying some fireworks down south and working my tail off on the next few books on my list. (I will be posting teasers and excerpts next week for everyone. :) ) 

I have a release this Saturday on Bookstrand. Bound by Duty, the next part of my section of the series with Anitra Lynn Mcleod. There have been a few people who emailed me and asked if they had to read the series in order, you do NOT have to. All the books in the Owned series are standalones and do not have to be read in any order. (I don't even know why they were numbered to be frank) So, pick and choose which ones you feel like reading and as always, enjoy! 

Jess Taylor has been selected. Chosen by the annual lottery as a sacrifice to the aliens that saved mankind from the Great Plague, he could care less what happens to him. Little does he know that his first alien
master doesn't provide much and has a gambling problem to boot. When the debt gets too high, he's sold to another who might provide all he needs and so much more.
Noss, the first spawn of Prince Kranok, is duty bound to take care of his family. Unfortunately for him, no one wants to marry him because of his father's scandal. Noss doesn't expect much when he buys the human, but he gets more than a handful.
Passion spirals quickly into something more meaningful, and they'll have to decide if being bound by duty can make them happy in a world where changing the rules might mean the destruction of the house that Noss is trying so hard to keep together
Third Party Releases: Those of you who have been waiting on the final book in the Ravyn Warriors series need wait no more. :) Ravyn's Temptation [Ravyn Warriors 6] is now available on third party sites including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. So enjoy!
Tony is a man used to putting aside his own emotions for duty. However, when Prince Salvatore assigns him
to interrogate the prince’s younger cousin over his alleged betrayal, Tony finds putting his own emotions away is much harder than expected. He was half in love with Theron before he was in league with the enemy, and now the constant interaction is breaking Tony’s limits faster than he can erect them.
Theron is a man without options. Desmond imprisoned his friends and demanded he pass on Salvatore’s secrets or else. Trusting outsiders has never worked out for him, and confiding in Tony seems out of the question. However, Tony promises him a life unlike any he’s experienced before and loving him is far too easy. But can he risk his friends’ lives on new love? And will Tony be able to lay aside duty to prove to Theron that giving in to temptation is worth the risk to his heart?
Okay, I'm getting back to work on my pieces for the month. :D Prepare for awesomeness in the near future!!


  1. I'm sad this is the last Ravyn's book :( but I can't wait for what's around the corner!

  2. I'm all about your future awesomeness :)