Sunday, July 21, 2013

Releases, Announcements, Shenanigans!

Hello Everyone! 

Well, life has been BUSY lately. But that's the name of the game. ^-^ I've been writing like a crazy person. So a few announcements:

Bound by Deception [Owned] is now available for purchase at 

Jack Corbet has been chosen, just not in the traditional way. When the Eoeans demand another sacrifice, the human government doesn't want to give up one of their upstanding citizens. Though completely innocent, convicted felon Jack is pretty indifferent to being chosen as the aliens' latest sacrifice. Arming himself with the hypothesis that Eoeans can't be that bad, he steps willingly into the unknown.

Kelr, an Eoean diplomat, doesn't really want a human. Being half Renka, he is disturbed by the touch of others and doesn't want to risk becoming enamored with one. What he doesn't count on is a human determined to have him, or the unexpected pleasure Jack's touch brings him.

However, criminals are considered inferior goods to the alien government, and Jack might find himself in hot water well before he and Kelr are comfortable in their newfound relationship.

Bound by Defiance [Owned] is now available on third party sites including Amazon.  

Selected by the annual lottery as a sacrifice to the alien race that saved mankind from the Great Plague, he’s none too happy to be carted off to be some alien’s snack pack, love slave maybe, but not someone’s dinner. Little does he know that he’s about to come face to face with the master of his dreams. Elia, the twenty-seventh spawn of Prince Kranok, has been ordered to wed. 

Luckily for him, the annual lottery has provided a being that is rumored to be the perfect first concubine for him. What the rumors didn’t tell him is that his particular human is stubborn, sexy, and determined to make a new path for the both of them in an alien world. 

As questions about the legitimacy of Elia’s ownership arise, he will have to decide if he will surrender to authority and follow tradition or if defying his past is worth a future with Alexis.

Anddddd finally, announcements:

I'm doing a new project that I hope everyone will enjoy. More details to come at a later date. I hate to give no more info than that but I can't make an official announcement just yet. However, I am SO excited. *happy dance* I've got a few upcoming releases that I hope will keep you content in the meantime including the next HGA and a new series sHarmony Shifters. For more info on them check out my website:

As always, I hope you enjoy!

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