Saturday, March 29, 2014

Now Available, Upcoming, & Sales!

Hello All! 
I thought I'd drop a note and let everyone know that Cold Calling [Deadzone 3] is now available to purchase
on :) It is on a special 10% discount until April 5th so I encourage you to pick up a copy while the sale lasts!

Another sale is happening over on Amazon. Ravyn's Blood [Ravyn Warriors 1] is on sale for only .99 cents. If you've been curious about this series and haven't yet picked up a copy, now is your chance to get it for a steal. 

I am finally getting back into the swing after a brief break for the holidays at the end of last year and I have some AWESOME projects coming up that I can encourage you to check out including a joint series with Gabrielle Evans called The Forgotten which includes curses, shifters, and a whole lot of manlove. Our books will release together in May. Cry Wolf & Grin and Bear It are a lot of fun and I hope everyone is going to like them! Click the title of the book for more info.  

Also, the next and final (at least for now) book in the Owned series will be available in April. If you enjoy the same sort of urban fantasy that I love writing, you might fancy Forever's End [Enthralled 1]. You can find info on all these upcoming releases on my website by clicking the link HERE.

So what's coming up? Well, I have committed to finishing up the series with Gabrielle Evans and I have another two books to give her before I can get to anything else. I'm loving the series so I hope you all will as well. After that I will be wide open to play with all the other series that I have been putting off in the mean time. I have a very, very long list of series that I'm getting back to writing on. I wish there were three of me. I would be golden then!  

"Do you HEAR what's she's saying, Madigan?
She's putting us off AGAIN! Where's heaven's wrath
when you need it?"
Finally, I know everyone is asking about the angels and when Angelic Ending will finally get here. >.> I am behind so I am sorry that I haven't gotten to it yet. I cross my heart that I will get to it just as soon as I catch up on all the projects I've currently immersed myself in. Pity the author, please, and have a bit of patience. The angels are giving me a hard time about it already! 

As always, thank you guys for supporting my crazy ideas and series. :) I hope you enjoy!!



  1. *snicker* You make me sound like such a slave driver! *cracks whip* Back to work!!

    1. LOL! *salutes* Yes, m'am. I am getting back to it right this instant. :P Maybe I'll learn not to procrastinate one day. In theory. With some help. The magical variety might do the job. *le sigh* Going back to the grind now.

  2. Buwahaha... I love the caption you put on the angel. lol... I will patiently wait for when they come. At least in the meantime I get to enjoy your new juicy stories! ;)