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Spring Fling Bloghop!

Hello Lovelies!

Today is a wonderful Friday for prizes, don't you think? As per usual, I'm posting late because I'm me and my apologies to those who showed up ahead of time and didn't find my post! :) However, I hope that I'll make it up to you by giving you three ebooks of either my past releases or my upcoming releases. Leave a comment below telling me why you love manlove with your email address and I'll pick a winner at the end of the hop. :)  Also, be sure to click the author's below to go enter into their equally fabulous contests and of course the raffelcopter where Hennesse Andrews is giving away her grand prize!

SO, I guess since I have you here, I should entertain you. So here is a never before seen excerpt from my upcoming release Forever's End as well as a link to my release Bound by Discretion which is on preorder now. I hope you all have a fabulous manlove weekend!

Now Available for Preorder
Adlor comes from a race of beings who are bound by their silence. Extremely secretive, Grey Men don't allow outsiders any information about them, including their names. He has served as a household servant with
his siblings since he left his homeland years ago and was completely happy with that service until his master acquired a human through the lottery who had no concept of personal boundaries.

Falling in love with an alien was never in his life plan but Eric isn't one who fights his fate. He never really thought violating cultural boundaries would be life changing until he gets knocked up by his new alien lover and finds out that navigating Adlor’s culture might be way more complicated than he originally thought. Adlor isn't like any man he's ever known but his many secrets may get them both into a lot more trouble than his unexpected pregnancy before he learns how to be bound by discretion.

Forever's End [Coming soon!]

Ander Moore is a shifter who doesn’t belong in a world full of vampires, but desire keeps pulling him toward
their king. Unlucky for him, the closer he gets to the deadly world of the royals, the more Ander struggles to keep his lust a secret.

The Blood King, Rowan Klaus, has ruled as the vampire king for centuries. He has loved and lost and sworn to never love again, a conviction that doesn’t come easy when he sees Ander. Determined to keep the shifter at arms’ length, he never expects the Royal Gala to end with Ander in his bed.

Not everyone is pleased that a Silver Blood and the vampire king are engaged in a passionate tryst. Their growing affections lead them down a dangerous path where enemies circle closer and the burden of the crown becomes ever heavier. Happily ever after may come at a steeper price than either man is willing to pay to reach Forever’s End.

 When Rowan Klaus walked into a room, everyone’s head turned. His presence held a hint of intrigue and excitement that could simply not be ignored. Everyone felt drawn to him, and Ander Moore was no different. He wanted him in a way that was unlike anything else he’d ever felt. Ander just wished he had the courage to tell Rowan that. Or hell, tell him anything, but their worlds were as different as night and day. Rowan was a pure-blooded vampire who ruled over the kingdom of the Blood Moon God, and Ander was just one of the Elite—a guardsman in charge of protecting the royals who lived within the palace walls.

Ander watched Rowan toss his long black hair casually over his shoulder as he flashed a captivating smile. His piercing red eyes met Ander’s for the briefest of seconds before Rowan returned his attention back to his advisor.

Gods, what I wouldn’t give to feel that man’s touch. Ander felt his cheeks flush red with embarrassment at the thought, and he reluctantly tore his gaze away from Rowan.

“About time you joined us, silver blood. I didn’t know we paid you to daydream.” Ander grimaced at his commanding officer’s interruption. His ancestry hailed from the fallen eastern country, the Silver Moon Kingdom. It was a place that had been blessed by the wolf god, Lykos before the Last Great War. Now the kingdom was nothing more than a pile of rubble and the majority of the silver moon people who lived in the southern kingdom worked as servants to the native blood moon race of vampires.

The fact that Ander had made it as one of the Elite was something he owed to the pure bloods when they decided to sponsor his training and education at the local orphanage. But no matter how hard Ander tried to prove himself as an equal among blood moon vampires, the mark of the wolf still coursed through his veins, serving as a reminder of the dirtied blood that would always label him as an outsider here in the southlands.
A tic developed in Ander’s jaw as he met Thomas’s judgmental stare. “Sorry, Sir, it won’t happen again.”

Thomas’s prejudices should’ve been expected. Ander had been enduring them since he started his training. But, it was his commanding officer’s constant need to point out that he would never be like the others in his troop that stung more than the rest of the insults hurled at him on a daily basis and Ander didn’t know how much longer he could keep his temper in check.

Satisfied with Ander’s obedience, Thomas cocked his head to the side, a smug grin planted firmly on his face. “Good. Now get out of here before I write you up. Your shift is over.”

“Yes, Sir.” Ander headed back to the main office without so much as a glance at Thomas or his goons despite the whispered remarks and snide comments he heard as he passed by them.

“Hey, don’t let them get to you. If it wasn’t your heritage, it’d be something else.” Vance slapped him on the back as he rounded the doorway.

Ander shrugged his friend’s hand off as he let out the breath he’d been holding. “Yeah, but at least it’d be something I could change. I can’t help that I was born a silver moon. Believe me, if I could, I would.”

Vance’s brows drew together. “Don’t say that, man. You should be proud of where you come from even if it is silver blood that runs through your veins.”

“It’s kind of hard to be proud when you don’t know much about your past. All I know is it sucks now and that’s all that matters.” Ander pulled off his uniform and placed it in the laundry chute. “Besides, you have no room to talk, red blood. It’s not like Thomas is on your ass for being a different race.”

Vance just rolled his eyes. “Yeah, well being a vampire isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. At least your lineage
doesn’t require you to seduce your food every night.”

Ander raised an eyebrow at his companion before pulling on his favorite black shirt—the one with the blood moon royal family crest proudly displayed on his chest. “What? The bottled blood not doing it for you?”

Vance shook his head. “You know that stuff doesn’t taste anywhere near as good as the real thing, and I’m so freaking hungry right now.” Vance’s ruby eyes glowed in the dim lighting of the changing room as he spoke, and Ander could feel the vampire’s energy pulling on his senses, begging him to come near.

Vance took a dangerous step closer. Thanks to Ander’s heightened wolf instincts, he could hear the change in Vance’s heart rate and smell his pheromones as they surrounded him. Vance wasn’t kidding when he’d said he was hungry.

Ander stared back at the man in front of him, watching him as he struggled to get control over his primal instincts. “Come on, just a nibble,” Vance pleaded, but Ander refused to yield. One of the few perks of having silver blood was that he could resist most vampires. He pushed Vance away, interrupting his bloodlust long enough for Vance to come back to his senses.

“Hey look, I’m sorry, man.” Vance shook his head as though that would be enough to free him from his cravings.

“It’s all good. You don’t judge me when I get the urge to turn into a four-legged freak and go running through woods, so I think we’re even. Now come on, let’s go get you some food before your instincts kick in again.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Vance agreed as he grabbed his jacket. They both headed toward the center of the city, leaving behind Thomas and the other guardsmen. Ander didn’t want to waste another thought on their racial slurs or judgmental stares. He just wanted to have a good night, and he planned on starting it off as all good nights started, with lots and lots of alcohol.

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  1. Love the excerpt! Thanks for a chance in the giveaway. I love manlove because to some it's forbidden but I love to see how many of the couples make their love work despite others, I love the steamy passion and all those sexy bodies to dream about.

  2. Loved the excerpt! I just love a good love story no matter what genders make the couple.

  3. man on man is just sooooo freaking HAWTTT
    can't go back to M/F

  4. Thanks for taking part in the blog hop!


    (The email id in the comment is different from the one that is in the Rafflecopter Grand Prize entry.)

  5. I only know that man love is really hot, only topped by two bisexual men and one lucky woman. Love is love.

  6. Because it's HOT, steamy, and HOT!! LOL :)
    I just downloaded Bound by Discretion can't wait to read it. Love all your books, thank you!

  7. Man on man is hot because I'm a guy who loves to read about other men going at it!

  8. Man on man is so incredible to read. The only thing better is man on man, and a man on them!


  9. I like how the authors spin the story and how emotionally involved I get from getting to know the MCs. Also there's something about how passionate the two MCs are together that draws me in.

    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  10. I just recently started M/M stories. I relationship between them just seems more intense and sexy.

  11. Great excerpt. Never read your books before byt will definately check them out. I love manlove because it's so much more deeper than m/f. Reading about males who overcome their doubts and insecurities and give in to what they truly want is beautiful to me. Thank you for the giveaway.


  12. for their caring

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  13. I like the less predictable relationship dynamics, and the varied and attractive guys portrayed (not just control-freak alphas like in het romance)!

    Trix, vitajex(at)Aol(dot)com

  14. I love man love because men do not need or want tons of drama. While MF books can be super annoying with so much unnecessary crud - MM books are more open and honest. Oh and let's not forget the steamy, sweaty, salacious sex that happens. Whew, I'm getting a little bit warm jus thinking about it. Thanks so much for participating in the Hop. I love Hops because they give me a chance to find great new authors and check in with authors that I already love.

  15. Something about an alpha male getting hit with all the feels! Thanks for being a part of the hop and the chance to win :)

    raynman1979 at yahoo dot com

  16. I read man love because for me they are sweeter than any other romance I have read. Even when it is about a Dom/Sub relationship you still know that they love each other.

  17. Thanks so much for participating. I have not red your books before but MM is a wonderful genre. So much emotion.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  18. M/M romances are so hot! So much strength between 2 (or more) sexy men, whats not to love?!

  19. First off, MM is hot and second, I like it because I'm a female, it's something I'll never experience myself...I like to live vicariously through books.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Shannon F

  20. Why I love MM romance....holy crap Jana it is hot hot hot with a capital H-O-T. Its been a couple of years that I have started reading MM and honestly I cannot go back to MF even if you paid me.

  21. Don't have one specific reason to love mm romance. I started with m/f and then m/m/f and loved to imagine myself as the female. But somewhere along the line I started preferring m/m(or multiples thereof) more than other gender combos.

    carolcobun @ yahoo .com

  22. I haven't read any manlove books. I am trying to expand my reading horizons.

    Winning 3 of your ebooks would be a great start ;-)

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway. Fingers crossed to win.

    skeeterlee63 @