Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Anddd I'm back!

Hello, lovelies!
So, I had a long weekend in Charleston, SC full of beach time, fireworks, and a lot of good times shared with a few close friends. I'm definitely more relaxed after my fun in the sun and am ready to get back to some serious work! :D With that being said, Bewitched is now available for purchase at Bookstrand. 

Ciel is a witch. Neither expression or attitude, he was born into a family of casters with a long list of traditions that gives Ciel little choice in his life's path. While he's never been thrilled following someone else's rules, he hasn't had a good reason to fight them. Until now.

Hisoka has always felt different but didn’t know why until he falls into bed with his boss. Finding out he's the human version of a witch's black cat should be alarming, but the process is exciting, especially when Ciel demonstrates that he isn't crazy by busting every light bulb in the building with a snap of his oh-so-talented fingers.

Familiars may be good luck to witches in the movies, but Ciel's family doesn't watch TV. Faced with the prospect of being blackballed from the music industry, with worse consequences for Ciel if the witches' governing body finds out, they must decide if being together is worth the potential consequences.

I'm working on the edits for Bad Medicine currently. :) Those should be done by the end of the day and it should be available for you in a few weeks. Super excited for you to read this one. Have I mentioned the Deadzone world got a whole lot larger? *happy dancing*

Ronin Davidson is leader of a group of men who do not exist. Code named the DRACULs, they are sent places even the hardest agents fear to go. It might be an exciting existence but Ronin carries a lot of guilt for dragging his fellow soldiers into this secret life and he doesn't believe he deserves any kind of happiness.

Dare doesn't remember his past but he sees his future every time he looks at Ronin. He's everything that's wonderful about a powerful man and, if he'd only give them a chance, Dare's sure they could find happily ever after.

A moment of weakness may lead to a lifetime of passion if both of them are brave enough to seize the moment. However, a mission into the wilds will bring them face to face with enemies even two super humans can't handle. Will they be able to overcome impossible obstacles or will they fall prey to dangers of deadzone?

I'll do another post soon about the projects I've got going on this month! A belated happy Fourth to everyone! 

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