Thursday, October 23, 2014

Now Available and Confessions

Hello, Everyone!

I hope you all are having a wonderful October. It's my favorite time of year. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I am taking a break from writing for a while. I have a few pieces coming out that are already in the queue and, while I won't stop writing entirely, the future works will be farther in between. Thank you all for being wonderful readers and hopefully the storm will pass and all will be well. I wish you all the best and will see you sometime next year!

Now Available: Chained by Choice

Dr. Billy Carrigan has been the physician devoted to serving the needs of his pack to the detriment of his social life. JP has always marched to the beat of his own drum. Together, the two of them have to survive an accidental wolf attack and a rushed courtship in order to make mating work.

Despite his crush on one of the surgical techs, he’s never had a chance to ask him out. Luckily, JP asks him out instead.

JP has always marched to the beat of his own drum. Because of his oddities, he wasn't sure if the awkward but endearing doctor was even interested but when he blurts out an invitation for a coffee date, he's pleasantly surprised when Billy says "yes".

One fateful coffee date leads to an accidental wolf attack by one of Billy's patients and then to a rushed romance as Billy tries to convince JP that most wolves are as harmless as lambs. Only time will tell if Billy will convince JP to be chained by choice or if he will be the only wolf in the pack who can't get his mate to be his.

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