Monday, May 2, 2016

New Excerpts

Hello World!

Guess who is behind? Me! I'm nearing completion of a few projects so expect good things in a few weeks. Exact dates to be announced at a latter date. To tide you over,  here is an excerpt from Unfamiliar Moonlight (Name subject to change). Enjoy!

A lone howl sounded as they gathered around the pit, their makeshift meeting spot located in the empty swimming pool at the old YMCA, long since abandoned and littered with “no trespassing” signs. It could only be the Alpha, running late as per usual. The man liked to make an entrance and Kristos sincerely doubted tonight was any different. As Razor’s second, Kristos was in charge of keeping the rest of the mutts in line until he deigned to make an appearance.
“Settle down,” he barked, drawing the black eyes of every tattooed thug in the place. Their gazes sent most of the cities’ citizens crossing the street or slamming their doors when they prowled through town. Kristos wasn’t the least bit of intimidated though. They were his family after all.
He motioned for Maria to turn down the lantern, the only source of light in the shadowed pool area. The stark LED immediately faded, blackening out the pit until only the glitter from their eyes were lit up by shards of moonlight from the broken windows on the far right wall.
“Greet your Alpha, bitches,” he commanded, filling the darkness with his voice. He echoed Razor’s howl, lending his voice to the cavernous room. The others joined in, calling to Razor so their eerie melody echoed and throbbed in night. No doubt the sound was sending shivers down the spines of the LA neighborhood they occupied. It was good to be feared. It was better than being seen as weak.
There was no official length of time their music sounded but eventually the last voice faded, leaving a pregnant pause in the wake of their howls.
Finally, Razor’s rumble cut through the pitch. “Lights.”
Maria obeyed, adding an additional lantern to the wall of the pool. The white light came on and showed Razor, his massive body deceptively relaxed on the edge of the deep end, one leg hanging over. His thick dark hair, caramel skin, and ripped musculature made for an intimidating picture. The power that clung to his skin only added to his badassery.
“Hello ladies and gents,” Razor greeted, a grin twisting his lips upwards into a ghost of a smile. “How are we feeling this fine full moon?”
The entire pack answered with a series of growls and howls that sounded like hell had come to the YMCA to roost.   
Razor’s grin widened. “Good. I’m glad to hear it.” His eyes went to Kristos, causing him to lift his chin in pride. “How’s it going, hermano?”
“Ready for your orders, Alpha,” Kristos said, returning his grin. He was so proud of Razor for taking over the pack from his old man. The old guard had been so much weaker. Razor had carved a real home for them out of the sprawling Los Angelos landscape.
Razor nodded. “Always such a good mutt, Kristos.” He winked, taking the sting out of the slur. “Take Brooklyn, Tawny, and Maria to the west side to patrol down the strip. A little birdy told me that there have been a few humans who didn’t believe the stories and started selling wild horses to the kids at the park. Deal with them.”
Kristos sneered. “It’ll be done.” He would personally make sure he crushed the life out of any drug dealing sonofabitch he found. The only thing the pack dealt in was weed and that hardly counted anymore. If there was heroine creeping into their district it was because someone was making a move.
He turned to leave. “And Kristos?”
“Yes, Alpha?”
“Get me the name of the org who has decided to sell to our people, eh?”
The expression that twisted Kristos’s face was pure menace and he knew it. “Happy to.”

He could hear the smile in Razor’s expression as he spoke “Good wolf.”


  1. Woot! Can't wait to read this.

  2. This sounds awesome Jana. can't wait to read it. :)

  3. Are you going to be redoing your website stuff, or changing the links since they don't work anymore?

    1. Hi Frannieann,

      I'm currently redoing the website and giving everything a nice boost. :) I'll make an announcement when i'm finished and post it here.