Thursday, June 2, 2016

Unfamiliar Moonlight and a sneak peak of my writing desk.

Hey Guys!

Guess who is back on the schedule? :) This kid. Unfamiliar Moonlight, the first in the others series has been put on the schedule for July 18th. I'll be working on edits and hopefully getting a nice shiny cover soon. :) I'm really excited about this series because the world is SO much fun to play in. Here is a little snippet of the type of world you're getting into ...

The world has been at war for ages. No one really remembers who started it or why it ended but, at last, there is peace. The five dominant species, the dragons, the wolves, the Sidhe, the spirits, and humans have arranged fiercely territorial boundaries in all of the cities of the world. 

The territories of the dragons are all known as the Ashlands and are glittering gems in an otherwise apocalyptic landscape. Feeding on the hungers of all mankind, they supply the world with all the things that humanity desires yet is too afraid to ask for. 
Wolves live in tightly packed urban lines with their pack violence still ruling their lives. There has been talk of peace between the packs of Los Angelos, but no Alpha has managed to make that happen yet. Deeply distrustful of humanity, they keep to themselves for the most part, and have their own brand of justice.

The Sidhe, the most mysterious group of all, live in the city center in towering high-rises and are known for their abilities to turn water into wine … and straw into gold.

Magic users or the spirits as they are known to the rest of the world, have built their dwellings toward the outskirts of the city in sprawling academic spaces where any species can attend for a price but whether the price is a pound of flesh or a mountain of gold, no one knows until the Dean of Spirits asks the price.

Humans live in scattered pockets amongst the Others, owning small businesses and generally fearful of what another war could mean for their nearly extinct species. However, ten years of peace have made them forget the most potent deterrents of defying the territorial lines and the laws that govern each.

As each species struggles to find its place in the melting pot of the new world, only the gods know what sorts of conflicts will arise...

Also, in other wild and nutty news, I'm juggling a couple of other manuscripts right now. I guess I neglected the boys for too long because they haven't shut up since I sat back at the keyboard again! Orion and Quinn from sHarmony are finally getting their time in the spotlight even though Quinn is proving to be a giant pain when it comes to figuring his conflicting feelings out. Madigan from His Guardian Angels is currently fighting for his life beside his men after losing someone very near and dear to him (Grab your tissues, guys and gals). I've also got a couple thousand words sitting pretty on the second book for The Others and a million new ideas for the second book of a merman story. 

Whew! It's crowded in my head, guys. Let me know if there is anything that you are dying to read ASAP. I do take you into consideration when I look at the writing schedule. :) I'll make more announcements as we get closer to publication dates. Don't forget to sign up for the new newsletter on my website, if you haven't already to make sure you don't miss anything. 

As always, I'm wishing you the best! 


    ohh~ There are so many of your stories... eek!! The Raven boys? oh! Alchemy Mates??.. those two are the ones I still think about often aside from the angels... both series. lol. <3 I'm so excited I can't wait! ^o^/

  2. I'm so glad you're back to writing! I just LOVE your books!


  3. This is some of the best news EVER! lol Can't wait.