Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fabulous Ann Jacobs with an Excerpt



Unforgivable betrayal stands between Sean and the woman he could never banish from his heart and mind—the woman who has haunted his dreams since he lost her all those years ago. When he meets Merrie again, they know right away that their attraction is as strong as ever.

Merrie has never been able to resist the lure of Sean’s hard, sexy body and she feels right at home, lying naked in his arms once again. But hot sex isn’t enough to banish hurtful memories and the pain of his betrayal.

This time Sean will hold on to the only woman he has ever loved…but to keep her by his side, he must overcome almost insurmountable odds.
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Adult Excerpt:
She kicked off her high heels and took off the elegant gold necklace he’d noticed right away, laying it carelessly on the bedside table. “Want to unzip me?” she asked as she removed her earrings.
“Sure.” His mouth watered and his hands felt as clammy as though he were a kid about to have his first sexual experience. Stepping behind her, he drew down the long zipper at the back of her dress and slid it off her shoulders. The slick silk slithered over skin to reveal sexy red-lace lingerie designed to drive a man insane. “Omigod.”
“What’s wrong?”
“Nothing. Except you’re about to give me a heart attack.” When she raised her arms to unpin her hair, a pair of rosy areolas peeked out of her barely there bra. The matching thong didn’t come close to hiding her smooth, shaved pussy. Pale, thigh-high stockings hugged long, slender legs he wanted wrapped around him more than he wanted to keep on breathing. “You’re the most sumptuous banquet I’ve ever seen. I don’t know what I want to taste first.”
Like a sexy kitten, she smiled as she stretched her arms over her head again and shook her soft, curly hair loose around her face. He couldn’t resist for one more second, so he snatched back the covers, scooped her up and put her where he wanted her, right in the middle of the bed where she’d starred in so many of his erotic fantasies. Following her down, he stretched out on top of her, loving the feel of her warm, silky flesh beneath him.
Finally she was where she’d always belonged. “Welcome home, Merrie.”
“Oh God. I want this so damn much I can hardly wait.” She wrapped her slender fingers around his cock, caressed him there. “It’s been so long…”
“Too long for me, too. God but I love the way you touch me.” Rolling to his side and reaching under her, he unsnapped that sexy excuse for a bra. Then he brought his arms back around, pulled the bra away and cupped her naked breasts—fuller now yet still familiar. “Feel good?”
She smiled. “You know it does.”
“Tell me.” He needed reassurance that this gorgeous, sexy creature was still his first love, all grown up and no longer shy about her sexual needs. “Tell me what you want, Merrie. What makes you feel good?”
“You. The way you warm me with your body heat. The taste of you and the feel of your weight on me. Your big, hard cock excites me when you press against my pussy this way.” She nibbled his shoulder as though she wanted more. “I want you to fuck me now, hard and fast. Then I want to explore every square inch of your hot, hard body, and I want you to make love to every inch of mine.” Wiggling her hips a little, she peeled away that inconsequential thong, baring her silky-smooth cunt for him.
“It feels like it’s been centuries.” A lifetime since they’d innocently explored their sexuality under the light of other Florida moons. He mourned the emotion that no longer spilled from Merrie’s soul but had to embrace the pure sexuality of the woman his treachery had helped shape as he put on a condom to protect her. “Open up and wrap those gorgeous legs around my waist,” he told her as he positioned himself between her stocking-clad thighs, too needy to spare the time to take them off her first.
“Just like old times,” she murmured, arching her hips forward to meet his thrust.
But it wasn’t. She felt just as tight, just as wet and welcoming as she ever had been, but he wanted more. He wanted her to look at him with stars in her beautiful eyes and love in her soul, the way she had so long ago. “Yeah. Just like—”
“You feel so hot. So strong. So different than I remember.”
“You feel the same. Only better.” He stroked her throat, the upper curve of her beautiful breasts. She held him close with those long, slender legs, the texture of the lace bands on her stockings reminding him of how she used to come to him proudly naked, nothing but a condom between them. “Next time I want those stockings off you. I need you all the way naked.”

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