Friday, February 24, 2012

Simone Sinna Talking about Love ^-^

Love is... a bit like making bread.
Bread needs careful mixing, measuring and the temperature has to be right.
Start with 5 parts Lingering Passion ready to ignite: this is the yeast. Can be dried and stored but then pulled out when the temperature right.
Mix with 5 parts forgiveness – for both big and little faults. Nancy Reagan got this right.
Stir in 3 parts shared plans, things to aim for, plan and enjoy together.
Leave to rise.
Sprinkle with 2 parts lack of hearing (and extreme tolerance pre morning coffee and after alcohol excess) and 2 parts diminishing eyesight (particularly first thing in the morning) and then cover the crust with 3 parts shared memories.
A perfect loaf...

It takes my character Stephanie Beauman three books to work this out but she has a lot of fun (and sex) along the way!

Embedded by Simone Sinna

First in the Stephanie Beauman trilogy (MF, romantic suspense) E Book or print  Follow @simonesinna
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New York journalist Stephanie Beauman goes undercover in Sydney Australia to investigate a corrupt business deal, taking a job as hostess for enigmatic businessman Gabriel de Romanos. Initially confident, and with groundsman Reno as her ally, she is drawn into a world of high-stakes business, wine, social excess and murder. As she accompanies de Romanos between Australia and Argentina, he and his suave rival Miguel involve her in their business and sexual games. Stephanie is forced to take increasing risks and finally to choose between her story and her own desire.
Opening her eyes again as Miguel continued to kiss her neck and shoulders with a warm insistent mouth, she saw Gabriel had leaned forward a little, into the light, watching her, her reactions, the suggestion of her nakedness before him. Through the shadows she stared back, daring him to stop her, daring him not to want her.
Exposé takes Stephanie along the famous Camino Pilgrim’s (Compestela) walk in France and Spain, and is due out as an E Book in April and print in August.
The final, Exclusive takes Stephanie on the Grand Prix circuit...where she finally wins her man.

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