Saturday, February 11, 2012

Giant Microbes for Valentine's Day

The net has everything. I had always heard the expression but had never experienced the true depths which that could run. Until, that is, I was gifted with the most amazing present ever for Valentine’s day… Giant plush microbes in a heart shaped box. I guess it makes me a dork for even finding that an entertaining present to receive but I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to get a little valentine full of plush ovaries, sperm, and other reproductive microbes from a friend. I love gifts that are supremely nerdy and that tells me something about the person who gifted them. Who else but my biologist beau would even think of giving something like that?
It made me start to think about giving gifts in general and I couldn’t help but wonder what my gifts said about me. I am consummately lazy. So typically it’s a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant for holidays or on V-day a box of chocolates that I can buy in multiples for a variety of friends. I don’t think these are bad presents in and of themselves but when it comes to my super close friends… yeah, I think I could do better. It took that little tin of plush microbes to make me want to put in that extra effort for my loved ones.  
As Valentine’s day rolls around once again, I find myself buying presents. This year I’m taking extra care to find just the right gift for my loved ones. No more presents that could be given by that aunt who lives God-Knows-Where who you probably wouldn’t recognize if you saw her on the street. I’m getting something that says something about me and about how I feel about the ones I care so darn much about. I finally found the right gift for my biologist friend… It’s a brain cell microbe. Yeah, I couldn’t resist.

Contest: What is your favorite all time gift to have ever given or received? Winner will be picked at random and will win the first three books in the Ravyn Warriors series. ^_^ Good luck! 


  1. Hope you have a naughty Valentine's Day.

  2. My fave gift - hmmm. My daughter was born the day after V-day - does that count? :)

    K-lee Klein

  3. My favorite vday gift is one that I get my husband every year - white chocolate lindt truffles. He just loves them and they have become our tradition.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    joyfullyjay at gmail dot com

  4. Last Christmas I gave my 16 yr old grandson a black fedora and he loved it, wore it all day long and groused that he wouldn't be able to wear it to school. I liked that because of his reaction.

  5. I'm gonna sound a little corny here, but the best gift I ever received were the life of my sons. It was a difficult birth where I nearly lost one of them, but they're both strong and healthy today. That's all I could ever wish for :)

    That's not to say I don't love receiving m/m books! I'd love a chance to win yours. If anyone else is looking for the m/m authors in this blog hop, here's a short list:

    Erica ^.^

    eripike at gmail dot com

  6. Happy Valentine’s Day
    My favorite gift was a trip to Disneyland on a Valentine’s weekend!

    Emiliana25(at) web [dot] de

  7. Best gift I ever got is an autographed framed picture of David Bowie.... I already own all your books babe and loved them... so congrats to whoever wins...

    1. Thank you very much. ^-^ I'm glad you enjoyed the books. The next contest I'll try to come up with something a little more creative. And David Bowie is yummy. That's all I have to say to that. I fell in love with that man when he was the Goblin King and haven't looked back.

  8. Best gift ever is one I just got this Christmas, the game Munchkin. XD I love it to pieces, and get to play it every Friday night.


  9. I treasure the double heart necklace my hubby gave me the year our twin boys were born.

    Cathy m
    Caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  10. My husband gave me a 3 strand pearl necklace to wear on our wedding day and it is gorgeous! It is my all time favorite gift. Thanks for the giveaway! Happy Valentine's Day!

  11. My necklace & earrings from my dad :) I got them when I was 12.

  12. A hard won teddy bear(I think it would have been cheaper to buy it lol)

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!!
    E_l37(at) gmx {dot} de

  13. An everlasting love

  14. Hi,
    Please enter me in your contest.

  15. A ring which belonged to my grand-grandmother, I loved it and was very happy to get it for my 18th birthday.
    Happy Valentine’s Day ^_~


  16. Lovely blog. My favorite all time gift to have ever received has been my ipad. I love it. Goes with me everywhere. My husband jokes and says I love it more than him. It's a close race. haha

    author_shannon_leigh at hotmail . com

  17. My favorite gifts have always been books and now that I have the Kindle Fire I am loving life! Happy Valentine's Day...

  18. i love book and will all ways love them and then my bears my bf said he does not knwo what worse the book or the bears

    desi the blonde at msn dot com

    have great valentine day

  19. The best gift was a kitten. I loved that cat. Deb P

  20. All time favourite gift - Kindle ^__*

    moniqee @

  21. Best gift was a new budgie after my last one died and I was really sad.

    Jibriel O.
    Jibriel.O (at}web (dot) de

  22. I don't have 1 favorite gift....instead I have a tradition that my husband and I started many years ago when the 5 boys were young, jobs were changing, and we were moving. We celebrate Valentine's Day on the 15th, when everything goes on sale at 75% off. We strive to get the best deal possible. He know I love chocolates!! The person who gets the better deal is the winner and gets to choose the evening's "entertainment". I tend to lose most of the time...*wink wink*.


  23. The greatest gift I ever received was from my husband, for our 9th anniversary he bought me an iPad. He told me that he wanted me to start writing the novels I had in my head and not just talk about them. He has total faith that I will be a published writer!
    Thank you for being a part of this amazing event! Happy Valentine's Day!

  24. Thank you sharing and for the great giveaway! Happy Valentines! My favorite gift was my nook. I no longer had to carry a huge purse lugging around 6 books. lol

  25. Congratulations Ley, you're the winner by random draw of the Blog Hop Contest. ^-^ Enjoy your prize, I'll be emailing them to you shortly. To everyone else, thank you for coming out and for helping making my valentine's day awesome.