Friday, February 17, 2012

Terrific Tina Guest Blogging

Hi, everyone! ^_^ Tina is going to be my guest blogger today. She's fabulous and is a super hero for juggling everything like she does. Anyways, take it away, Tina!


As usual I am skidding in late. I think that should be my motto right now.  I am a reviewer and publists (hey look up that word for me please jana I cant spell lol)
I love reviewing and finding new talent.  I pretty much will take anything for a review you just have to catch my eye.  Here is a link to my personal blog Redzworld this is where I allow authors to blog about their books, you might even see a recommended read from me from time to time.
I can say I have met some interesting people and made some great friends reviewing.   I hate having to do the occasional not flattering review the agony of writing it cause you know it is going to hurt someone’s feelings.  But we have to be honest so I try very hard to be fair in those cases.  
I also handle the chats and promo for twolips so if you wanna chat my email is
From the publicity front I work as part of Topaz Promos
Here is our linky
We do author promos.  I handle the media end of things, I do everything from facebook twitter promos to book trailers.  My email is if you wanna discuss anything.
You are more than welcome to ask me anything about either reviewing or promoting let me know  I am here to chat today.


  1. Nice guest blog. I'm new to reviewing myself, so I was eager to read your entry.

  2. What is the best way to promote your book?

  3. Hi Jana - thank you for making yourself available for our questions :) How important are the 'likes' and 'tag's on Amazon? And Facebook 'likes'?

    Like Janice above, I'd like to now what you see as the 'best' way to promote our books?

    Thanks again.

  4. Oh, I hate it when I spell things wrong in public!

  5. When Topaz Promotions puts together advertisement, who writes the blurbs and info for the books? Do the authors do that, or do you have a hand in the process? How much does Topaz do for the author?

  6. I will address a few questions that I got both public and private,

    1. does accept mainstream non erotic books

    2. no young adult is accepted because we do not encourage people to come to our site that are under the age of 18 because we are an over 18 site.

    3. what is the best way to promo yourself,
    I would say the biggest thing you can do to promo yourself is get the readers invested in you. Get a facebook book, twitter acct. post about your day you might think it is boring but you would be surprised at how the reader respond to you in a positive way.

    3. advertisements with topaz promo

    I use a oneline because my end is facebook and twitter, so the link and a oneliner is about all they allow me to do.

    Laura our other end of topaz does the yahoogroups. Her blurbs come from the publisher sites. but she shows the author BEFORE the ad goes out. so you always are in control of your own ad.

    How much does topaz do for the author, well how much do you want us to do? I can do everything from beta reading your book to helping you buy promo material, sending out your ads, making book trailers, heck if you got something else let me know I customize what I do to tailor the authors needs. I have set up blogs, facebook, twitter all that for authors too.

    4. Heck without spell check I sooo would be lost LOL

  7. ohh we also set up blog tours, and chats I will host a chat too so you are not alone