Saturday, March 31, 2012

Angelic Ties: Teaser. :P

Michel’s arm settled over his shoulder. “Stop thinking so hard, cutey. I promise that we’ll be reasonable.”
“What’s your version of reasonable?” Madigan shot back, leaning into the touch. He looked up at the kissable lips of his angel lover and sighed. He could forgive them all for almost everything when they were touching him. Michel’s mouth was fuller than most, too. Absolutely yummy.
Michel’s face broke out into a grin. “We’re divinely reasonable.”
“Divine huh?” Madigan poked his lover’s ribs. “And what does this divine reason get me?”
“Five overprotective angels and a lot of orders.”
 Madigan huffed. Now that was truer than any statement ever made. He hadn’t seen any members of the sect of angels who were calling for his blood since the night of his birthday, but he heard enough about them to fill a book. Each of his angels told him stories of the downright hate crimes that the hunters committed against half angels like Madigan. Death was apparently the kindest option that the hunters offered. But it was hard to be fearful of people that he hadn’t seen or heard from in weeks.
Once they were all situated in the angel room, Madigan turned on them. “So I think keeping me here under lock and key for a indeterminate amount of time is complete bullshit. My mom left me the bakery to manage, and we’ve made zero money since I agreed to be under house arrest. Beyond that, you all promised me that once we were bound together that I would have more freedom. Do the words ‘cease-fire’ ring any bells?”
“We’re having trouble bonding together, Madigan. You have to understand it isn’t every day that angels from different choirs bond. It simply isn’t done,” Cross hedged. So he was to be the spokesman for the group, eh?
Madigan growled. “I don’t care if it isn’t done. It isn’t done in my world to marry five other hunky men either, but I did it. That is no excuse, and you know it. I’m going to work on Monday come hell or high water, and you guys will work out your differences by then.” He pointed to first Cross and then Bren. “You two especially. Every night we’re in bed together, you two never touch. It’s time to get over it. Got me?” The two angels looked like he’d sprung another head. “I mean it!” he snapped. He had been frustrated over their inability, no, unwillingness to connect for weeks now. “Either you two work something out or else neither one of you bother coming to my bed. I’ve had it with your schoolyard bullshit. We’re a family now. For better or worse. Start acting like it.”


  1. Do you know or have a release date? I loved the first one!!! I can't wait to read more :)

    1. I'm very happy you like it. I've really enjoyed writing Madigan and his men. Monday April 16th is the official release date. :)

  2. Seriously can't wait. That was an awesome way to start the series. But that excerpt just has me chomping at the bit :)

  3. Dang, I read the teaser and thought to myself how long do I have to wait until its release date. But thankfully it will not have to be long. Looking forward to reading more in this series.