Monday, March 19, 2012

Juggling That Darn Writing List

This To-Do list of mine keeps growing. More characters crowd into my head by the day and it's hard to keep everyone happy when I'm juggling school, family, and writing. So how do I choose who is going to come next? That is like that stupid question everyone always asks about chickens and eggs. I have no idea. I'm listening to whoever pitches the loudest fits about getting their story out there (yes, all hunky men are stubborn kids in my head). So I figured I'd get on and give a run down on what I'm doing that doesn't involve the little word counters that I use to tease you guys with. :P

I'm working on the next His Guardian Angels, the LoveXtreme is super fun to write and Madigan won't let me have a break to move on to something else until it's done.

I'm also working on another LoveXtreme, whose characters you guys won't meet until the third His Guardian Angels, which has been a hassle because I hadn't planned on writing their story for another couple months. Just goes to show that having six guys yelling at you for attention is more effective than just two.

Also, last but not least, I've got Tony hanging out for Ravyn Warriors 6. He's stubborn. Getting him to move in the romantic direction seems to violate his He-Man principles or something and he's feeling more than a little prickly about the whole thing. I think he wants to fall in love but he's just so stuck in his role of leader and warrior that its hard for him to imagine being anything other than those two things. We'll see how the story pans out.

Aaaannnnddd Just for kicks, here is the inspiration on the new series I'm about to start for the dragons in the Ravyns' series. Bet you can't guess who he is. hehehehehe.

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