Monday, June 11, 2012

Please welcome, Bren, from HGA *EXTRA*

Hiya everyone,

Long awaited and so late in getting here, I have Bren here to give us a little midnight chat. He and his lovers had come over to my house yesterday to watch the Miami Heat take on the Boston Celtics and he agreed to stay on a little longer to help me out since I've left you all hanging so long.

He's sitting in my desk chair spinning around like a toddler in the center of my living room(The only space really big enough to accommodate him and his wings in a full circle). Brat that he is, secretly wanted a break from all the wedding prep going on over in Sanctuary (Shh, it's a secret and I won't tell if you won't). His hair is getting a little longer than he usually keeps it, it's hitting the bottoms of his earlobes now, and he looks like he needs a hair cut-

Bren: Hey!

Me: Sorry. I just want to paint a picture of what I'm working with here. *Bren continues spinning.*( When he gets motion sickness I am not feeling sorry for him  Anyway, he's shirtless *big happy sigh* and sporting these loose-fitting, no-style blue jeans that Madigan would probably shoot him for wearing.)

Bren: *Snorts* Madigan isn't as fastidious as Cross is. He's a real weirdo for presentation. Probably gets that from his Archangel, Raphael.

Me: (At any rate he looks good with his black feathered wings spread out behind the back of his chair the way some men spread out their arms on the back of the couch. Just so we know, it's a little weird for me to have a feathered guy in my living room. With the hunters around it's very difficult to get any of the Guardians or their charges out of Sanctuary.) Now I get to turn my attention to the man of the hour. How are your guys, Bren?

Bren: *looking at me like I've gone daft* You saw them yesterday. Your memory that bad, shorty? (this is a new and annoying nickname of mine that Lucifer's angel decided to gift me with...-_- not pleased)

Me: We're interviewing, Bren. If you don't play nice I"m going to let Cross do some very very bad things to you in the next book.

Bren: *smirking that smart ass way he does that sets everyone's teeth on edge* Oh yeah? Hmmm... (I know he's thinking bout it. Having recently discovered his love of Cross's cock, he's just looking for an excuse for the bigger angel to bend him over again)

Me: *narrows eyes* Fine. I'll let Madigan top you.

Bren: *blinks and looks slightly...what is that expression? Intrigued?* That is not intrigue. Do not write that that as intrigue. Dammit, Jana! (he's looking pretty embarrassed. Why? I have no clue. Bren and Cross more than any of the other angels have issues with their hyper-masculinity. I guess that's where the embarrassment comes from. He still doesn't like to admit that any of his lovers top him on a regular. I'm going to laugh when Madigan finishes going through angelic puberty and gets his powers. I can't wait to see the look on those two power-tops' faces when they figure out that, as the son of an archangel, Madigan will be stronger than both of them) In his chosen field, he'll be on par with his father but I may still be able to out-muscle him. Raphael is a healer after all.

Me: *smirking evilly* Uh huh. Wait and see. You've never seen Raphael kick butt like I have.

Bren: *eyes widen but he doesn't say anything (see he learned his lesson)* So what did you want to talk about? (I'm grinning like a fool) Not my sex life.

Me: *pouts* Fine. Lemme see, oh yeah. That was a hell, well, a heaven, of a wedding you guys attended recently.

Bren:*groans* no more wedding talk! If I have to hear any iota about a invitation or a table placement or a venue, I'm going to scream.  (recent engagement is apparently not suiting him. Their brand new house is already filling up with all the "junk"-his word not mine- that comes with human wedding plans. Even though it's a relatively small ceremony, Madigan is going all out. If you understood Madigan's mother you would understand the reason for this. She is one tough cookie and I would not want to cross her when it comes to her one and only baby boy) Madigan's friends are supposed to arrive soon and nothing is ready in the living rooms, nothing is ready in the guest rooms, and Cross and Michel are having heart attacks over, get this, security of all things. Really? Security in a city of Sanctuary with Madigan's human friends? Give me a break!

Me: I wasn't talking about your wedding, dummy. I was talking about Marius, Levi, and Erik's wedding. *thought* Are you getting senile in your old age, angel mine?

Bren: *growls* yep.That's me. It's piss-bags and nursing homes soon.

Me:*grins apologetically* Temper, temper, Lucifer's angel. There is a reason you're not inviting your relatives to the wedding. Is that temper part of the problem?

Bren:*Takes several cleansing breaths* (yeah, I tend to press Bren's buttons more than anyone else's. I can't help it. It's really fun to wind him up and watch him go) In answer to your earlier question, (ooh look at him avoiding the "bad relatives at the wedding" Q) it was really hard to watch. Marius, Levi, and Erik are our friends and so we feel a certain responsibility for their happiness. The Elite Guardians are, no doubt, the best of angels and men but it still wasn't right for Levi and Erik's father to impose them on their wedding day. *Bren looks surprisingly thoughtful for a moment* Of course now...*he trails off and shoots me a grin* Well, you'll find out.

Me: What will we find out? (now I'm super curious)

Bren: *shrugs* Not telling.

Me: *huffs* Brat. What aren't you telling?

Bren: Not my story to tell, shorty.

Me:(I choose to let this one go. I know Bren and out of all the Guardians, he's the one best at keeping secrets) So, what is next for you and your lovers?

Bren: Meet the friends, meet the parents, have the party, yadda, yadda, yadda. *he waves his hand in dismissal* After all that junk,we can get back to our happily-ever-after. (I'm surprised Bren believes in the concept)

Me: You think that Azrael and the hunters are going to let this go? I know you guys are in Sanctuary but none of the people who live there seem to think living their affords them unlimited protection from them. Plus, Azrael was petitioning to have the Sanctuary allowance overwritten, wasn't he?

Bren: *deadly serious* That petition was denied, thank the Creator. However, if Azrael comes after my lovers again...*his hands ball up into fists on his knees (and for the first time since the beginning of this interview, I see more than the arrogant swagger. Bren is one of the best guardians in the heavens, hand picked by his archangel to guard the life of a nephilim, a difficult task in the best of times) he lets out a breath I hadn't known he was holding* If he tries again, we'll stop him. That easy. If I have to kill him myself and drag his corpse down to the underworld, I'll do it.

Me: (yikes we've gotten into slightly morbid territory) You love them a lot.

Bren: With every cell in my body.

Me: Awwww! You're so cute! *he cringes and the mood is broken. Whew. I didn't want to send him home with bad thoughts on his mind* I expect a wedding invite.

Bren: Shorty, the damn golden gates couldn't keep you out. Trust me. I checked with Cross and Yuri. You are like some infiltrating substance of mischief.

Me: I prefer the term "unstoppable force". *I stretch and yawn* It's about my bed time, Bren. You know where the spare linens and pillows are, help yourself. Taking a cab back to Sanctuary tomorrow?

Bren: Why? You have a balcony.

Me: (I have to think about this for almost a full minute before i get it. My blonde moments get worse the longer the night wears on apparently. I told y'all, I'm not used to men with feathers coming into my apartment) Safe trip tomorrow, Bren.

Bren: G'night, shorty.


  1. aww Bren call's you Shorty, how sweet!!

    Interesting interview and totally intrigued now but dammit I got to wait for the next book to come out *grumbles*

  2. Aww! I loved this interview!! aha!
    I am so excited for the next book!! Love you Bren! <3