Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ravyns Interview

The Ravyn Warriors have always been my babies. They were my first stories and the first set of people to open up shop in my head. So to say that I have a soft spot for them is a vast understatement. Now we’re up to the fifth book in the series and things are starting to come together in a big way. The end is in sight for the overarching conflict and the most serious and stubborn out of the Ravyns is about to start his own journey on the pages. I’m so freaking excited for them I could do a happy dance (and I totally am. You just can’t see me :P).
SO, to honor Druas’s new mating to his two spicy mates, Cord and Michel, I’m going to give a mini interview with the Ravyns.  Enjoy!

Me: (sitting on my leather sectional while the Allasandro and Dru are digging in my kitchen for snack food, Prince Salvatore and King Destin are sitting adjacent to me on the chaise lounge, Tony is between me and the royals(he’s so bloody overprotective), Damian is chilling out in the arm chair by the fireplace, and Dageus and Alex are sitting on the barstools they’ve dragged into the living room in front of me. Germany, Santiago, and the shifters are running late at the studio as usual. They’ll be joining us later on.) Thanks for coming out, guys. I’ve only got time for a question or two. So let’s get started.

Dageus: (leans back against Alex and nearly falls off the stool.) Um, Yeah. You’re welcome. (he’s looking a little embarrassed. Poor thing) Let’s do it.

Me: Cool. So when you guys aren’t saving Demontia, what are you doing?

Alex: (completely straight faced) Isn’t this supposed to be a PG13 interview? (lips twitch)

Dageus: Alex! Shut up! Jeez. (now he’s super embarrassed. His face is reminiscent of a cherry.) Alex and I actually like to do the touristy thing, even locally. I love to take pictures so anything that lets us make a memory, I’m for. (this strikes me as sweet. If I would’ve forgotten the love of my life once, I guess I would want to capture as many moments as possible thereafter).

Me: How about the rest of you? (Allasandro is of course the next one of pipe up, he’s the loud mouth of the group)

Allasandro: Damian and I like to go out dancing. He gets all sexy when we hit the dance floor. He’s not a killer dancer but he looks good doing it. (the sentence ends with a crunch of a potatoe chip. Dang it. They found my stash…)

Damian: (snorts) I’ll remember that, babe.

Dageus: (grimacing) That is not dancing. That is dry humping to a beat.

Allasandro: Yeah, so?

Me: (I’ve got to interrupt here because if I know anything, I know that Dageus and Ally-cat bicker like brothers. So, it’s best to cut them off before they get rolling) How about you Prince Salvatore?

Salvatore: (he looks like he’s really come into his own. His short red hair looks killer and there is a calm confidence that seems to surround him like a cloud. I think it’s safe to say that his marriage is going well. J) Destin and I haven’t really been able to go out lately but we’ve started going horseback riding once a week through Underhill to blow off steam. I wasn’t big on  horses before but now it’s kind of cool.

Destin: The people really like seeing us out and about. We can ride around and spend time together as well as see what needs to be done first hand. (the Faery King is sporting dark wash blue jeans and a black mesh shirt that shows off his pierced nipples. It’s a little distracting to be honest but that’s Destin’s style. Nothing about him screams “royalty” and Salvatore loves that about him)

Me: How about you Tony?

Tony: (he looks at me like I’ve lost my mind) I don’t do anything but guard the Prince.

Me: O…k. Um, Druas?

Druas: I— (a knock on the door interrupts whatever Dru would’ve said and he gets a broad smile on his face as he comes around the counter and into the living room with us. Despite the fact that everyone else was closer, he gets to the door first. He swings it open and it immediately engulfed by two very enthusiastic blond-haired shape shifters. Michel is almost a head taller than Dru and Cord is a head shorter. All three of them are blonds. They just look like they go together, like a set of dolls or something. While they are nuzzling and hugging, Germany and Santiago drift into the house and take up residence on the far end of the sectional. Santiago doesn’t even bother sitting on the actual couch. He just climbs into Germany’s lap)

Germany: (looks over at Dru and his mates’ display and offers an apologetic smile) Sorry about that. The newly mated can’t take their hands off of one another.

Me: You all are relatively newly mated.

Germany: Very true. (he gives Santiago a squeeze) Some of us are just better at hiding it than others.

Me: (smiling) So what do you and Santiago do for fun?

Germany: Santiago is used to being around a lot of people so he likes quiet time when he’s home. Sometimes we read to one another or watch Netflix, whichever he’s in the mood for.

Me: What are you guys watching now?

Santiago: We just started Grey’s Anatomy season 2. Germany didn’t want to watch the show at first but I convinced him. Being a surgical intern is a lot like being a dancer. It requires dedication and commitment in a way that most people simply don’t know—

Damian: Grandsire, we all know how much commitment it takes to be in the theater company. (Santiago is another one that tends to drone on. He’s extremely passionate about his job, which makes him a little bit of a pain in the ass to other people who don’t necessarily share his enthusiasm)

(Finally Dru, Michel, and Cord join us in the living room. They don’t bother with furniture. They just sprawl on my carpet in front of the sectional.)

Me: Hi,guys.

Cord: (smiling brightly) Hiya. Are you managing to keep them in line?

Me: They actually haven’t been that bad this time around. It seems mating has mellowed everyone out somewhat. (Back in the day when the unmated warriors outnumbered the mated ones, it was like a frat party when we got together like this) So what do you guys do for fun?

Michel: Can we eat after this? (I imagine it takes a lot to feed the jaguar. Jeez, he’s big)

Me: Sure, honey. I’ll order pizza as soon as we get done here. (I look over at Allasandro who is now perched on Damian’s lap) Since someone didn’t leave any sandwiches or chips for you guys. (he grins unapologetically at me. Butthead)

Druas: We really like hiking and running trails. Shifters and demons are really physical beings, so being outside is a big part of our relaxation time. We’ve taken to running together in the mornings. Sometimes we meditate out by the lake. It’s nice.

Me: Since you guys are the newest couple I’ll give you an extra question. Any regrets?

Druas: (he doesn’t answer me right away but looks at his mates instead, as if pondering the course of what happened between them) None. (Cord and Michel give him a smile and then start the nuzzling and hugging again. The entire room, including me, groans at the abundance of lovey-dovey energy in the room. Yeah…It’s about time for pizza)


  1. I adore these guys and love the books. I am re-reading from the beginning just because I can!

  2. The guys and I really appreciate re-readers. ;)

  3. oh I LOVED this interview, sorry I missed it when it was first posted, but I'm glad i got to it now :D

    I love re-reading the Ravyn's books, gonna have to do it again very soon :D

    1. Awww thanks, Tess. The Ravyns are always fun to hang with. ;) be Prepared. Tony will be on deck shortly