Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Confession! Shhhh....

Okay I confess to being a major nerd. I enjoy all those things which most people cringe over and proudly declare that I enjoy activities most are convinced that I should grow out of...someday. Anyway, point is, a lot of the references in Physical Chemistry are from my own stock of personal experiences. The below video just tickled me pink. I find the greatest things on Youtube. :P

P.s. It should actually be a D20 but it doesn't rhyme as well. See, told you  I was an epic nerd.


  1. Hehe, truly epic! If you are into dry european humor, I always recommend the art of the danish cartoon-artist Humon. (satwcomic.com and nielsg.com). That is danish humor at its best! And Humon calls herself the diva-Queen of geeks.

    1. I checked it out. It was very enjoyable. :D thank you! You have created a new fan. I thought the above video was hilarious, so nerd humor suits me admirably. :P