Saturday, July 21, 2012

****Frat Boy For Sale Part II*****

“Don’t be nervous.” Devin commanded himself as he stared into the mirror of his bathroom sink. “There is nothing to be nervous about. You’re just going to pay him for sex. No big deal. It’s been happening since cavemen could barter for stuff way back in BCE. This is not a date.” He still had butterflies. He didn’t know if he could even go through with this. If not, who cared? No one would ever know, not even Crystal. He hadn’t committed one way or another to anything.
The door bell rang. Well, Christian was right on time. To the minute actually. Who would’ve thought? A frat boy who was actually on time. He smoothed his hand down his grey button down which he wore over jeans to be casual and walked towards the door. He nearly swallowed his tongue looking out into the hallway and seeing the man he’d hired for the evening reclining against the wall opposite his door. He was wearing an Ed Hardy muscle shirt and a pair of loose designer jeans that Christian had been coveting for months now. How a hooker afforded such digs was beyond him but whatever floated the other man’s boat. He looked frankly edible.
He swung open the door and offered the man a nervous smile. “Hi.” He greeted. Christian didn’t say anything immediately. Instead, he pushed himself off the wall and gave Devin a slow up and down that was clearly sizing him up. Devin swallowed hard and resisted the urge to slam the door and run back into his apartment. It wasn’t that he’d never had attractive men look at him before but it seemed different somehow when this man did it. Maybe because there would be no preliminary test, no niceties, no “want to buy me a drink” smoozing that took place before Devin usually fell into bed with a guy. There would be no “I’ll call you” in the morning from this guy. Nope. This was all about one thing and one thing only.
“Hi, yourself.” Christian finally replied. His voice was low, already a little husky. “You want me to come in?”
Devin blinked. Duh. “Uh, yeah, sure. Come on in.” He stepped back from the door and allowed the other man room to get into the apartment.
“Nice place.” Christian complimented as he stepped out of the foyer and went directly into the living room. “You look awfully young to be in a place like this. You live with a daddy?”
“Um, daddy? No. I live on my own. I’m twenty-eight, so older than you.” Devin watched as Christian plopped down on the couch.
“Sweet. So whatcha want to do?” The question hung in the air between them like some sort of unanswerable inquiry.
“Uh, I’m not sure really.” Devin murmured. He shifted nervously and looked anywhere but at the man on his couch. “I’ve never done this. So, what’s standard?”
Christian chuckled. “This is your ballgame, gorgeous. You pay my fee and I’m your fantasy. Whatever you want within reason. I got one guy who likes me to spank his ass with my frat paddle but you don’t seem to be into that. SO, this is all up to you.”
Devin never initiated sex with his partners. It was always a given that he would give in to stronger demands. He startled when Christian pushed himself off the couch and took a step towards him. “So that’s the way it’s going to be, babe?” He gave Devin a wicked grin and pulled the shirt over his head. Devin lost the ability to speak as Christian revealed the tight musculature of his chest and abdomen. This frat boy certainly didn’t have a beer gut. Definitely no keg parties for Christian.
Devin took a step back. He didn’t know if he could do this. Christian frowned. “What’s the matter?”
“I–It’s a little fast for me. Sorry.” Devin stammered. Christian nodded and gave him a warm smile. It was a reassuring sort of look.
“No need to say sorry, babe. It’s my bad. A lot of people are nervous and just want me to get aggressive with them. You’re not like that huh?” Christian sat back down on the couch but still didn’t put back on his shirt. He patted the couch beside him. “Why don’t you come over here and sit down? We can just talk and take it slow.”
Warm relief filled him at the understanding he heard in Christian’s voice. It made it easy to come over and sit beside the younger man and half turn towards him. “Thanks.” He said. Christian gave him the same slow wicked grin that he wore on his profile picture.
“Well, you’re pretty cute, babe. It’s no hardship.” The frat boy came a little closer. “Want to try kissing first, gorgeous?”
“Um, Devin. My name is Devin.” Devin corrected. Christian reached out and ran a fingertip down Devin’s cheek.
“Why don’t you try kissing me, Devin? See if you like it.” It was next to impossible to deny the rough note of desire that had entered Christian’s voice. Devin found himself leaning closer to that wicked whisper.
When their lips met the world shifted. Devin found his head was spinning from the gentlest of contact. Wow. Christian was a hell of a kisser. He coaxed Devin’s lips open with gentle presses of his warm lips. He was being gentle, trying not to scare him. He needn’t have bothered. Devin was more than ready to kiss a little harder. Christian chuckled into his mouth.
“Like that?” Devin asked. The rent boy panted. The fact that he could effect a guy like this made Devin feel amazing. Maybe there was something to this anonymous, sort of, sex after all. There was a certain satisfaction and power to be obtained from being the “boss” for once. A strange thrill shot through him. He reached between them and cupped the rigid line of Christian’s cock through his denim. That could not be comfortable. “Take it off.” Devin commanded. Where the hell was this coming from? It was like getting high or drunk or something.
“Mmm.” Christian murmured and did as he was told. Watching him shimmy out of his pants was a definite turn on. He was naked now and surely the frat boy knew how gorgeous he was like that. Devin allowed his eyes to wander from Christian’s head to his toes. He took in the firm pectoral muscles, the tight stomach with the delicious outline of muscles beneath the flesh, down the thin line of his happy trail to a cock that was thick and just a little shorter than his own. His mouth watered as he took in the heavy weight of Christian’s sack, firm thighs and muscular calves.
“You’re beautiful.” Devin whispered. The larger man’s cheeks reddened slightly. It was the cutest thing ever. He tilted his head to the side. “People don’t compliment you much?”
Christian shrugged, his massive shoulders rolling in an equally beautiful display of muscle. “Most people don’t talk so much.” Devin couldn’t tell if that was a compliment or a smirking reprimand. Devin unbuttoned his shirt, working them off with one button at a time. Christian’s eyes caught the movement and his arousal twitched in interest.
“You’re going to be fun to fuck.” Christian said. The crude compliment elicited a shiver of response from Devin. He hadn’t been thoroughly debauched in longer than he cared to remember. Even before he and Mark broke up they’d rarely had sex. Devin had always assumed it was because he wasn’t exciting enough in bed.
“I’ll try to be.” Devin murmured. No. He wouldn’t let himself get another attack of nerves this late in the game. He was paying for a service. Nothing more. It was like a two hundred dollar massage to his genitals. He hoped he didn’t disappoint his “therapist” though. Mark hadn’t really been interested during. Silent from beginning to end, his ex hadn’t been interested in much past breaching Devin’s hole and pumping a few times before releasing with a grunt of satisfaction. Often Devin had had to finish himself afterwards in the bathroom after Mark had rolled over and dropped off to sleep.
“Trust me, darlin. You aren’t going to be a disappointment.” The grin that accompanied the statement filled Devin with warmth. It was nice to be assured of his appeal. It was thrilling and more than a little bit empowering.
“Want to move this to the bedroom?” Devin asked. Christian nodded and followed after him as Devin turned on his heal and headed down the hall that led to his bedroom. He finished the buttons on his shirt on the way and started on the button on his pants.
Christian reached for him as the door slid shut. He slid the zipper of Devin’s pants down carefully, making sure not to snag his black boxer brief’s in the process. He pushed them down Devin’s hips next, making sure to grind his hard cock against the seat of Devin’s ass. Devin gave a groan of appreciation as Christian’s hand came around and gave him a proprietary squeeze. The frat boy worked him through his boxers until Devin thrust helplessly against his hand. The hard on that was pressing insistently against his ass told him that Christian was just as desperate.
“If I don’t get you out of these underwear soon I’m going to go fuckin crazy.” Christian admitted huskily. The tone of his voice was a low growl of want and it thrilled Devin down to his core to know that, at least for the night, this man was his. He was normally what other people thought about him when they got him into bed. With Devin there was an odd freedom from worry. His hard cock and Devin’s cash assured him of the brief affection that was all his for the moment.
“Yeah? You want in my tight ass?” Devin demanded. God that was hot. He never talked dirty.
“Oh fuck yes, I want your tight ass.” Christian’s hand shoved roughly inside of Devin’s briefs and the other man gasped at the sudden skin to skin contact on his prick. “Goin let me inside you, gorgeous?” The question was just a bit calculated. The power was all in Devin’s hands.
“Yeah. Lay down on the bed and put a condom on.” Devin was too wound up for much foreplay, despite the fact that he hadn’t ridden a dick so quickly in quite some time. He wanted to feel the burn of entry, the hard edge of arousal as he danced between hurt and pleasure. The heat at his back left him instantly and he watched as Christian threw his sexy body onto the bed and hurried to do his bidding. Where he got the condom from was anyone’s guess but the next thing he knew, Christian’s dick was sporting  a rubber and he was tossing Devin a small packet of lubrication. The frat boy reached down and readjusted as if he couldn’t help touching himself.  Devin felt a grin stretch his lips.
“Can’t wait to feel you inside me, frat boy.” Devin ripped open the lubrication packet and smeared two fingers with clear sticky liquid. “Goin get ready for you.”
Christian panted. “Oh yeah. Lemme watch, gorgeous.” Devin spread his cheeks with one hand and pressed a finger to his puckered entrance. He circled it, pressed in, circled again. Christian’s eyes never left his face as Devin teased himself. “I wanna watch you, gorgeous.”
“Say please.” Devin commanded. A feral glint entered Christian’s eyes, the hand that seemed to be subconsciously touching his dick wandered down to squeeze his balls. It looked painful. Devin could practically smell the want in the air.
“Please, gorgeous, lemme see you fuck yourself.” Christian snarled. It was a sexy fucking sound. He wanted Christian to make it again. He turned slightly to the side and speared his pucker with his fingers. Devin let his head fall back on his shoulder blades and spread his thighs more so that he could pump in and out of his hole. It was burning like he’d imagined it would be, the stretching a little awkward in this position but he didn’t care. He didn’t care about anything but the feel of the penetration and the bone deep knowledge that one stroke of his hand on his cock and he would be erupting into the circle of his fist.  “God that’s hot.” The words were reverent and Devin gave a fierce smile of satisfaction.
“Are you sure you’re supposed to be talking so much?” He teased. Some sort of sex demon had possessed him in the last twenty minutes… it was awesome. He slinked up to the bed and crawled up Christian’s body, kissing and nipping as he went. He couldn’t wait to ride Christian until they were both too exhausted to move. He spread his cheeks while Christian held his body still and his cock at the right angle for Devin to get to.
Devin sank down on Christian’s hot body with slow downward thrust, letting gravity do most of the work for him. His body stretched to accommodate the thick organ that was pressing inside him. The burn was much greater than his fingers had been and he gasped as his ass was thoroughly stretched. Once he was fully seated he struggled to adjust. His passage pulsed, spasming around the dick shoved up him. To his credit, Christian didn’t move as Devin concentrated on breathing until his body relaxed. The fine sheen of sweat on his chest was the only clue that he was struggling to control himself.
“Been a while, gorgeous?” Christian asked through gritted teeth. Devin didn’t answer. Instead he just raised himself up and slammed back down on Christian’s dick. His prostate throbbed gratefully. His body vibrated with pleasure. Had sex every felt so good? He seriously fucking doubted it.
Christian’s hands found his hips as he began a steadily building rhythm that had Devin’s hips jerking in a circular motion guaranteed to make him come soon. His pleasure spot was scored with every lunge and Christian started rocking up to meet him.
“Like that?” Devin asked, dropping his head back to his shoulders again and riding Christian harder. “Hmmm you feel good.  Like fucking me, frat boy?”
“Yeah, Devin. I like fucking you.” Christian groaned. His eyes were squeezed shut and his face was carved into sharp lines. He was close. Devin reveled in it.
“Come inside me, Christian. Fuck me til you come.” Devin taunted quickening his pace. Hell, he was close too. He hadn’t even touched his prick yet but it was oozing precum in a steady stream.
“Oh Fuck!” Christian seemed to lose it then, his hips jerked upwards and he cried out as his body seized in pleasure. Devin felt an intense satisfaction watching him come apart. Despite the fact that he’d orgasmed Christian continued to thrust his hips, his dick not losing on bit of its hardness as it continued to give Devin the ride he longed for. The frat boy reached up his hand and found Devin’s cock and gave it three rough pumps. “Come for me, gorgeous. Now.”
The “Now” did him in. Devin spiraled out of control, all but screaming his release to the ceiling as cum erupted from the end of his prick. It felt like someone was wringing out his balls he came so hard. A particularly enthusiastic spurt hit the side of Christian’s cheek. Dev was beyond caring at that point. It felt so fucking good!
Devin collapsed as his orgasm faded, his mind spinning like he’d just gotten off a rollercoaster. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the sheer awesomeness of what had just happened between them. The sheer awesomeness that he was paying for. It hit him then. He’d just solicited a prostitute and, damn all, if he didn’t enjoy it immensely.


  1. Ms. Downs your killing me! I want to know what happens next!! You hooked me with this story then left me hanging. I'm so curious LOL

    1. Hi Sammi,

      ^-^ I've got a couple more chapters to put up. I've just been insanely busy lately. No worries. There will be more to come... :P

  2. I JUST GOT SO HAPPY! Lol usually the author doesnt thanks :) And belive me I know all about busy schedules. Lol just know that your work is loved :)

    1. Lol I'm glad I brightened your day a bit. :) I try and reply when people take time out to comment or email. Look for the next bit within the week. Thank you for reading.