Monday, September 10, 2012

GRL Annoucements and Deadzone

Hey Guys,

Guess who is going to New Mexico this year to GayRomLit? This kid! :D I am very very excited to meet some readers and stand in awe of more senior authors at the event. To celebrate, I have some goodies for those of you who want to come see me. Deadzone, HGA, and Unexpected Angels will get a highlight in the goodies.

A friend of mine suggested Zombie Survival mini-kits to celebrate the 2nd Deadzone that I'm working on currently and it is becoming a distinct possibility. :) Sponsored by Deadzone Zombie Services, the kit will include a list of Do's and Don'ts while living in a zombie apocalypse.

Speaking of Deadzone, wanna know what book 2 is named? Do you? Do you? (Sorry had a Dory moment. Damn you Finding Nemo!) Er, anyway, the next book in the Deadzone series will be named:

 Relay for Life[Deadzone 2]. :P

Jana Downs


  1. Ohh! Congrats on going to GRL. I hope to go next year. This year was just not possible. But I am going to the UK Meet, so I shouldn't complain!

    Looking forward to the second Deadzone book!

    1. Thank you very much, Lis. :) I am very excited to be going. I'm jealous of the UK meet too. ;) I would love to go back to Britain. I loved it the first time around.

      The next deadzone is a ton of fun. Can't wait or you guys to enjoy it. :D Happy reading!

      -Jana Downs