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****Frat Boy For Sale: Part III*******

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Sorry this took so long to get up. Been slammed. :) Enjoy Part 3 of Frat Boy for Sale. I've decided to put up a "Free Reads" section that will include the rest of the installations. The tabs at the top. :P

“So how did you get into this sort of business?” Devin asked as they lay together afterwards. He was curled up against Christian’s chest, getting the cuddle that he wanted and not feeling guilty about it. There really was something to paying for what you wanted.
“Well, that’s a little complicated to explain. Started with my Big Brother, Adam, in the Kappa house. We were all really strapped for cash and all pretty bummed about it. Then he saw this thing on G4 about escort companies and he pitched it to a couple of us.” Christian’s hands coasted up and down Devin’s back absentmindedly.  “He set up the whole website and whatnot. We’ve only been operational for like two months. Most people think it’s a joke which is why cops and crap leave us alone. But word has gotten around lately to the right people that we’re not joking around and are really open for business. It’s not like any of us do this to, you know, survive so the fact that we’re not super steady doesn’t make a difference. It’s extra cash.”
He didn’t sound the least bit apologetic or worried over the consequences of his “part-time job”. The whole thing was a little puzzling to Devin. Didn’t he care about his body? There wasn’t that much of an age difference but the mindset had to be vastly different. Didn’t it?
“Anyways, I’ve got to get going. I’ve got another appointment scheduled for a little later and I’ve got to grab a shower and some food beforehand.” Christian kissed him apologetically, exactly the way he should have if it was a class or business meeting that he was going off to.
“You’re welcome to use my shower. I could even order some take out if you like.” Devin offered, smiling. He was feeling so good right now he could just melt into the mattress but he thought Christian deserved a little more attention than a “thanks, see yah” before he was shoved out the door.
Christian’s face broke out into a smile and he chuckled softly, tapping Devin’s chin with his pointer finger. “You really don’t do this often. Not how it works, gorgeous.” He winked. “If I had more time I’d take you up on it but I can’t.” He disentangled himself from Devin’s arms and stood, grabbing his underwear off the floor. The rest was scattered through the house and he’d no doubt pick them up as he went. He stood there looking at Devin for a full minute as the other man twisted his hands in the sheets. Again he smiled, looking amused. “You goin’ pay me, gorgeous?”
Realization dawned. “Oh yeah! Sorry. I was spacing out.” Devin sat up, taking a sheet with him to wrap securely around his waist. He didn’t understand why now would be the time he got nervous but there it was. He felt shy again, worse than before. The awkwardness was completely irrational but it was there all the same. He padded over to his dresser where he had put his wallet. He flipped open the black leather Fossil wallet and extracted two crisp one hundred notes from therein. He extended them to Christian who took them with practiced ease.
“Thanks, gorgeous. You ever have another itch to scratch, gimme a call.” With that he turned and walked out of Dev’s bedroom. Devin sighed as he watched him go. The front door shut a few seconds later, leaving him truly alone. Again.


Christian arrived at the KA house a little after dark. It was still pretty early on in the semester so the cold wasn’t quite uncomfortable yet. The best way to describe it was cool. There was already a game of beer pong going on in the side yard that ran between two of the frat houses on Greek Row. It was also early enough in the semester that most people weren’t busy preparing for tests and had the leisure time to play drinking games.
“Hey Christian!” His Big Brother called from one side of the pong table. “Want to join us, man?” Christian smiled and shook his head.
“Stuff to do, bro.” He hollered back. His Kappa Alpha brother just raised a ping pong ball in salute before tossing it effortlessly into his opponent’s cup.
He patted his pocket where the two hundred dollars he’d just made rested comfortably. Paying his membership dues was a lot easier when he made his own hours. His dad had refused to pay them this semester so he was on a payment system with the house. What dad didn’t realize was that if KANu went away, so did his tuition deduction.
At 60k a semester, Tulane was not the easiest school to pay for without a lot of help. Like most middle class kids whose parents made too much to qualify for full assistance and not enough to pay more than a couple thousand dollars, Christian was doing his best to stay afloat. When he’d blown his scholarship last semester he’d been forced to beg his dad for money. The frat had offered a partial academic scholarship but only if he remained a full time due paying member. Though he’d explained it to his father fifty different ways, the old man just couldn’t see paying an additional four thousand dollars a semester in dues on top of the fifteen that he spent on tuition. The math was simple to Christian, nineteen thousand was a hell of a lot cheaper than a full sixty. But when he pointed that out, his dad either yelled about how he needed to make the money himself or transfer to a smaller school back in Idaho. Fuck that. The best thing that ever happened to him was his Chapter President’s brilliant idea of a side business.
Most of the frat were notorious horn dogs anyway so it made sense that the KANu’s would make some money off of it one way or another. Frat Boys For Sale enabled them to make good money and still have time for classes and extracurriculars with the house. Their schedules just didn’t work with most normal jobs and most normal jobs just didn’t pay enough. This was perfect.
He came into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water out of the fridge, careful to avoid touching anything that was no doubt growing new forms of life on top of it. Men, as a general rule, were not very clean roommates. They even had a maid service that came once a week to clean the house but they never cleaned out the fridge for good reason. Yuck.
“Hey, Christian.” Marco, another one of his brothers, greeted as he came into the kitchen and snatched an apple out of the fruit bowel. He took a bite. “Nm, how’d your new job do?”
“Awesome.” Christian said with a smile. “He’s hot.”
“For real? Why he hire us? Did he just have a frat boy fetish?” Marco asked. His brown eyebrows were drawn down in confusion. Usually the people who ended up calling them were one of two types: uglies and weirdos. Either one was tolerable to an extent but Devin had seemed different.
Christian shrugged. “I have no idea. Maybe he’s going through a bad breakup or something.”
“Yeah, maybe.” Marco allowed. “Well, if he’s hot and normal you might wanna hold on to him, yeah?” Christian grinned and gave Marco a shove.
“He’s a paycheck, Marco. Jesus.” He laughed.
“Then pass him on, man. I could go for someone who was a little more enjoyable.” Marco waggled his eye brows, clearly joking. But Christian frowned anyway. The thought did not appeal to him. Devin had seemed both fragile and incredibly strong and he never knew exactly which side of the fence the other man would fall onto.
“Anybody asks, he’s my john. Got it?” Christian warned. He didn’t want any of his emotionally retarded brethren anywhere near his gorgeous.
Marco just laughed. “That’s some real Pretty Woman shit right there!”
“Ah, bite my ass, Marco.” Christian rumbled.

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