Saturday, September 15, 2012

One Year Anniversary Giveaway! :D

Hello World,

It's been one year today since I published my first book and to celebrate, I'm doing a giveaway. Two books from my backlist of your choice, winners will also get a small goodie bag put together by yours truly. :)

This cover is where it all began. Ravyn's Blood, the first of the Ravyn Warriors series, started out as a dream and evolved into one of the favorite series I have written. I have grown so much since then and am truly grateful for everyone who bought my work. :)

From this book came all the other series and characters I love so much. The Ravyn Warriors, His Guardian Angels, Unexpected Angels, Deadzone, NOLA Rent Boys, Incubus Contracts, Alchemy Mates, and, the newest series, Marked.

So to get this thing going, what was your favorite character from any book or series and why. Just reply below and don't forget to leave your email address. :P Thanks again, everyone.


  1. Favorite character, hands down is Germany...I love his whit and sensitivity...he has a great sense of humor.

  2. My favorite would have to be Grayson. He is the perfect mix of submission and strength. I love that he can be so submissive with Mustang but the have backbone of steel with others. I loved when he defended Kane from Alder.


  3. Santiago is my favorite character. He has everyone deathly afraid of him, but when he's with Germany he is beautifully submissive.

    Yolanda (

  4. I'm not sure that I could narrow it down to one. They all have great qualities. So I choose to not pick. :)

  5. My favorite will always be Kalel/Dageus. Because it's even more proof that if something is destined to be, it'll find a way to happen again. As the age old saying goes, love will find a way.


      i knew i'd forget something, heh. sorry about that.