Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Who Wants a Copy of Available and Prince of Submission?

Hi Everyone!!!

I know, I'm running late as per usual. I'm working like a crazy person trying to get Relay For Life done  by the end of the month. :)

 Here is this week's contest: I need some new exciting names for characters to be included in a series I'm working on. SO, in a comment below give me a name and a little about the guy along with your email address.

By Feb. 4th I'll pick a winner. Whoever picks the best name gets a copy of both Available[Marked 3] and Prince of Submissions [Fae Scandals 1] as well as their character included in an upcoming release. :) Good luck and have fun!


  1. Moon DeLeon

    Moon DeLeon is a big top Macho man who is unable to show any kindness because he was taught that nice is week plus his name does not help his bad boy image and the only one that can save him from loneliness is his mate.


  2. Ooh cool! \^o^/ Thanks for the contest!!

    Lets see.....
    Heh, These are guys that have come up in my head after I've watched a movie or read a book or seen a picture. It's hard to say when characters are born. lol
    Have fun giving them a home if they're to your liking. This is just how they came to me. feel free (of course) to change them as they call to you. I had a longer description of them but I think this will do. :P
    I know I'll never be good enough to do them justice. (though god knows I try...)

    Derek Abaad (not a-bad, more like Ah-Bod)
    Olive skin, hazel eyes with light brown stylish hair. (His hair looks so soft and fluffy...)
    Athletic build, nicely lean but fit. On the short side and he's miffed by that fact. He has a very unique Diamond shaped birth mark on his left cheek. A lighter color than the rest of his skin color.... It's a wonder what that that could mean...

    Nik Dikas
    Sky clear blue eyes, VERY light brown almost dirty blond hair(like Chase from House), porcelain skin, soft spoken and lean but fit. Very determined when it comes to things he believes in and people he cares about but is mostly carefree and easy to love. Accepts who you are NOW, not who you were before. Believes the Past is the past and it should stay there. your actions of now and the future are more important.

    Lou Ballard
    A man who is jaded.
    Tall (around 6'2) Ebony black hair, startlingly green right eye with hazel around the iris, the other is blue with a rusty brown around the iris, a birth defect that had his mother screaming curses and beating him and abandoning him. He doesn't let anyone close to him and 'disposes' of others before anyone can dispose of him again. He needs someone who will capture his heart and soul and bring out his locked away smile.

    Daemon Rye
    Half-breed who has fought tooth and nail for everything that he has. The offspring of his fathers infidelity and though his stepmother would sooner drown him than ever acknowledge him his father loves him because he loved his mother long before he was forced the marry the woman he's with now.
    They said he had to marry not that he had to procreate with her to lead so he has no children with her which is why she despises Daemon with her every breath. He's strong but not overly muscular, Tall and very pleasing to the eye. Strong features with silvery blond hair (from his mother) and wonderfully bright brown almost blood colored eyes. Has High morals and the only thing he longs for in life is someone to share it with.

  3. I have always liked the name Rory, he would be a big, strong shifter, handsome and looking for his perfect mate.
    Thank you, Jacqueline

  4. Skylar Bannan, with his eyes as blue as his name, fringed with dark brown lashes that most girls would envy. With the beauty of most fae, his difference is none of his looks are delicate. And his height of 6' 3" is so much taller than his brethren. He is a warrior with the magic that belongs to his realm. But the longer he goes without a mate the more unstable his magic is to control. He needs to find his mate soon...maybe she's in the human realm.

    Jaden O'Rourke, unlike the rest of his wolf pack he has mint green eyes instead of the amber of the wolf. And his wolf coat is silver with black tips to match his hair. It is only his size and beta status that keeps the rest of the pack from harassing him for being different. While the females in his pack are more than happy to bed him, now want to mate with him. So he's wanting and waiting for a fated mate.


    Laurie P
    goaliemom0049 (at) gmail.com

  5. I love Sebastian Doolittle. He is not an alpha but the perfect alpha mate. Tawny wolf, sea foam green eyes, slender build, fiery temper.

  6. Gui Weber, tall(like 6'8 tall), blonde with long hair, blue eyes wide sholders and a lean and muscular frame(like a swimmer). He has a little daughter also blonde and with the widest blue eyes in the whole world, she looks like a china doll. With everyone he is cold and hard, but when you see him with his baby girl he's nothing but a teddy bear(and with her new daddy, of course, after he breaks the ice wall).


  7. Joy Bernelle aka "Elixir"

    Elixir is a 5'' 7, Raven haired, with a swimmers build omega. he has the ability, hence the alias, to heal wounds both emotional and physical but with this amazing gift comes an equally destructive side effect. if it is not for healing, Elixir can not have physical contact, but with his mate who he has yet to find.



  8. John Cross

    John because his parents couldn't be bothered to think of a name for him when he was born.

    John's the fourth son of an impoverished lord. he's the youngest and the only male so his parents tend to forget him a lot, what with them doing their damnedest to secure decent marriages for his older sisters. he's a handsome really, but the generic kind of handsome that's forgettable, a fact he's accustomed to because he's forgotten. a lot.

    On his 18th, he struck out on his own as a mercenary. The sad thing was, his parents didn't notice he was gone until the third week when they wanted to tell him to wear something yellow for his third sister's wedding.


  9. Shepperd McBryan

    Shep is a 38yr old and 6"10 cowboy from Texas. He is tired of cheating men and he just wants to be left alone to live the rest of his life in peace and tranquility. Enter a Vampire twink who likes to cross dress. The little vamp makes Shep hornier than a straight man surrounded by 100 Supermodels from Victoria Secret in nothing more than skin, specially when the little twink is wearing red 8 inch stilettos and red lace panties.