Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Contest Winners and Announcements :D

Hi Everyone!

All right, this decision has been very difficult because you all gave me some great characters and names! I might have to use a few just because they are very hard to choose between. However, for the sake of the contest and my sanity, the winners whose character will be used in a upcoming book and who will win a copy of Prince of Submission and Available is...

Olga and Viktor for their characters Gui and Moon. :)

I'll be emailing you guys tomorrow with your prizes. Thank you again to everyone who participated and I hope you join in my next contest. To be posted soon... 

Also, my book Working Stiffs is up for best Gay characters in a menage if you would like to vote for it , follow the link by clicking on the Nominee button on this blog post or go to the right bar and click the button there to be redirected. Voting ends Feb. 28th.  

Much Love!


  1. Voted, hope u win... It's well deserved


  2. Voted, hope u win... It's well deserved


    1. Thank you very much! ^-^ I hope others think the same way. <3