Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Daniel Sloss cracks me up...Seriously.

Hi Everyone!

I am crazily working toward getting done with a piece before the 1st and realized I hadn't posted yet this week. Well... other than working like a crazy person there isn't many announcements to make.

  • Deadzone 2, Relay for Life, got accepted and has a publication date in April. :) 
  • I'm going to pull my bloody hair out by the first because once again, I am a slacker and wait until the last minute to get things done.
  • Now available on third party sites: Prince of Submission [Fae Scandals 1] 
  • Now available for preorder: Born to Please
To make up for the very pitiful list of announcements I've got going on this week, below is a video by one of my favorite comedians. Daniel Sloss talking at all is hilarious. Daniel Sloss talking about how the entire male population would be gay if they had choice in the matter... amazingly hilarious. Enjoy!


  1. Great video thanks for sharing it :)
    I am sooo looking forward to the new Deadzone :)

    1. I love Daniel Sloss. He has direct access to my funny bone for whatever reason. I'm very excited about the new Deadzone as well. It was a blast to write. Just sent off the cover request so I should have something to tease everyone with in a few weeks. :D Thanks for reading.


    2. Thats great I can't wait to see the cover and read the next book :) Thank you!

    3. You're very welcome! :) Thank you for reading!