Saturday, February 23, 2013

Guest Blogging and New Releases :)

Hi Everyone! 

The lovely J.R. Loveless has me as a guest over at her blog party this week. The post is all about ending a few series this year and what some of my favorite and hardest parts of those series have been.  There is some hints on what is to come in Ravyn Warriors and His Guardian Angels so drop by and say  hi. She's giving away some prizes as well so check it out.

Also, happy release day to Ter and Nicolae in Beau Bitten [Rock Bottom Boys2]. :D It is now available. Hope you all enjoy!

Ter Dinh, a dragon shifter, has been running away from relationships ever since his family kicked him out at sixteen for being gay. Brash and unapologetic, he moves through life never having any real attachments. Until he meets Nicolae Azarov. Though he tries to avoid the inevitable, Nicolae’s courtship is winning him over, though his estranged family may once again step in to make his life a living hell.

Nicolae Azarov is desperate to make his mate see reason. Ter has been avoiding him for months and time is running out on his biological clock to rid himself of the mate venom which will slowly drive him crazy if he doesn’t give it to Ter. He refuses to force him into anything but can’t figure out what will make Ter see that he means no harm. Giving up his control to Ter seems like a good idea, but it will lead him down paths he never expected to take.

Now available:

Also, for those of you who purchase from third party sites, Available [Marked 3] is now available on all third party sites. :) Enjoy!
Amazon link: Here

Ryan Adamson is the beta for Alpha Mustang’s wolf pack. He never has relationships with anyone other than the pack-appointed availables and willing pack submissives, and he likes that just fine. He hasn’t had the best luck with relationships in the past and finds meaningless sex much easier to deal with than a boyfriend. Unfortunately for him, Bradley seeks to change his mind.

Bradley Gage has been in love with Ryan since the wolf-shifter saved his life six months ago. Something inside tells him that Ryan is his mate and the stubborn wolf just needs to admit it. Getting him to admit it, however, might be easier said than done. Getting inked with an "available" tattoo is the start of an unconventional courtship that will test Bradley’s commitment to Ryan and bring him face-to-face with some unexpected aspects of his own past in order to get his happily ever after with the man of his dreams.

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