Sunday, March 24, 2013

Updates, Releases, and Surprises. :D

Hello Everyone!
Late, as per usual, Frat Boy for Sale has been updated. Sorry it's short. I have been insanely busy trying to finish up a piece by Easter weekend so I can take it off to be with the family. The next part will be doubly long, pinky swear.

Those of you who have been waiting on the second story for the Incubus Contracts....It has arrived. :D The Incubus Lesson is now available for purchase on Bookstrand:

  [Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, light consensual BDSM, HEA]

Remy Eschette has been a bad boy. So bad, in fact, that he's attracted the attention of a class A Incubus with sex and contracts on his mind. Remy’s soul is up for grabs, and Deacon steps in with an offer Remy is better off not refusing. He can become his Hell Hound, his live-in servant, in exchange for his life.

Deacon Anderson is an immortal Incubus with no idea what it takes to make a commitment. Unfortunately, taking on a Hell Hound is the biggest commitment of all. Avoidance is the only viable option. But when Remy refuses to sleep with him until Deacon helps him right the wrongs of his past, the Incubus is faced with spending more and more time with him.

Love brings redemption, but both struggle with their respective sordid pasts. Time will tell what sacrifices they have to make in order to find a loving relationship in the new bargains they strike.

Those of you who purchase from third party sites, Beau Bitten [Rock Bottom Boys 2] is now available on Amazon, B&N, and all other third party sites. Ter's book is definitely yummy so go on and pick up your copy. *sales pitch over*

Ter Dinh, a dragon shifter, has been running away from relationships ever since his family kicked him out at sixteen for being gay. Brash and unapologetic, he moves through life never having any real attachments. Until he meets Nicolae Azarov. Though he tries to avoid the inevitable, Nicolae’s courtship is winning him over, though his estranged family may once again step in to make his life a living hell.

Nicolae Azarov is desperate to make his mate see reason. Ter has been avoiding him for months and time is running out on his biological clock to rid himself of the mate venom which will slowly drive him crazy if he doesn’t give it to Ter. He refuses to force him into anything but can’t figure out what will make Ter see that he means no harm. Giving up his control to Ter seems like a good idea, but it will lead him down paths he never expected to take.

I'll be making several appearances as a guest blogger this month. Gabrielle Evans, Lexi DeHalo, and a few others are being kind enough to host me. Look on for a mad month of prizes  for that reason. :) To celebrate Relay or Life[Deadzone 2] I'll be giving away zombie kits, so stay tuned for information on that one, kids.

Okay now the fun part....
Starting April 1st, I will be joining forces with a fellow author for a fun project that I hope you all will thoroughly enjoy. There will be further hints in the near future and maybe I'll even have her stop by my blog to brag about how awesome she is. 

And those who are wondering if I'm ever going to stop writing new series to keep up with, I promise, after this one, I won't be starting anymore series this year. In fact, several will be finishing up.  

So here is your first look into the next few books of my life... Hope you enjoy! 

        “Sacrifice,” the elder spoke as he circled the small auditorium with all the practiced grace of a man completely confident in his environment. “Sacrifice is a necessary component of a civilized society. For the past few decades we have survived because brave souls generation after generation have made it possible for us to do so.” 

Jess elbowed him in the arm as he came into auditorium, late, as per usual. “Hiya, Alexis.”

“I can’t believe you’re late to the drawing,” Alexis grumbled, hopefully quiet enough that Elder  Garet wouldn’t hear him. 

“Oh please. At least I’m here. Did they announce who the poor saps were yet?” 

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