Monday, March 18, 2013

Contest and Annoucements. :D

Hi everyone!

This week I am hosting a contest over at Fantasy Creations. There is a author spotlight up on their site along with a interview and all sorts of awesomeness including a chance to win both Born to Please and The Incubus Lesson. Comment and you'll be entered into win. You'll find the link for the spotlight Here. Contest ends March 24th so don't miss out!

Another cool and exciting thing that is happening is that I now have a official website. Most of my announcements and contests will still be run through my blog but all official series information and latest publication announcements will run through Right now I have a poll up on what type of creature you would like to see me write next. :D Go vote and you might see your pick in a future story. Also, let me know what you think of the new site!

Last but certainly not least, don't forget that The Incubus Lesson is now available for Preorder. It's a great story and a lot of fun to write. Gotta love bad boys...well, at least I do. Here is the blurb in case you missed it.

Remy Eschette has been a bad boy. So bad in fact, that he's attracted the attention of a Class A Incubus with sex and contracts on  his mind. Remy’s soul is up for grabs and Deacon steps in with an offer Remy is  better off not refusing. He can become his Hell Hound, his live-in servant, in  exchange for his life.

Deacon Anderson is an immortal Incubus with no idea what it takes to make a commitment. Unfortunately, taking on a Hell Hound is the biggest commitment of all. Avoidance is the only viable option. But when Remy refuses to sleep with him until Deacon helps him right the wrongs of his past, the Incubus is faced with spending more and more time with him.

  Love brings redemption but both struggle with their respective sordid pasts. Time will tell what sacrifices they have to make in order to find a loving relationship in the new bargains they strike.


Thanks Everyone! Have a wonderful week!


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    1. Yay! I'm happy you like it. :D It's a lot of fun. Thanks for checking it out for me.

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