Friday, January 3, 2014

*Clears Throat* Announcements, lovelies! Announcements! Giveaways! Releases! Oh My!

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! The year started off with a bang for me and I'm already behind (NO surprises there, right? ;) ) So here is a brief list of some giveaways, new releases, and what to expect for the first quarter of 2014!

I'm Ringing in the New Year over at Fantasy Promotions. They're giving away some BIG prizes including a 250 dollar Amazon gift card and the ultimate swag bag that is packed with some pretty AMAZING prizes. :) To go to my post and leave a comment with a valid email address to win a copy of Thrice Bitten in the daily contest. It ends January 6th! Fantasy Promotions Link

Speaking of Thrice Bitten... The third in the sHarmony Shifters series is set to release on Saturday January, 4th.  Here is the BUY LINK

Collin hasn't had the same luck with his dates at sHarmony as his friends have and he knows it might
be a while before he gets the opportunity to meet the shifter of his dreams. However, a gorgeous man comes walking through the front door in need of a man with his particular professional skills.

Mikey has known Collin was his mate since the first time he met him at his friend Logan's party months ago but despite being introduced three times, Collin hasn't given him the time of day. When he reintroduces himself at Collin's office and commissions his company to design a website for his sport's camp he is relieved that he is finally getting some kind of attention.

Mates are supposed to be made for one another but it seems like Collin and Mikey are night and day. Will they find common ground or will their differences prove to be too great to maintain a relationship?

Ooh and there are other new releases that I am really excited about. Wanna see? Of course you do!

Zayne Michaels, a wonderful author that I have been privileged enough to work with, is co-writing a series with my alter ego, Skye Dragen. :) Enjoy the awesome. RELEASE LAUNCH LINK will get you entered into a contest for some freebies from the series.

STILL NOT CONVINCED? Well.... If you click the links below you can read the first chapters of each book. Enjoy!

 After losing his best friend in a meteor storm that wiped out entire cities, Brady Dane finds himself alone and

scared, simply trying to make it from one day to the next. Surrounded by chaos, desperation, and death, he turns his compass toward Georgia and the refuge rumored to be established in the military base there. Forming emotional attachments will only make him vulnerable, so he keeps himself guarded, choosing to travel alone, but that all changes when he crosses paths with a stranger on a lonely stretch of highway.

Anthony Grimel—Grim to his friends—is having a really bad day. Collapsing on the side of the road after being robbed and beaten by a band of raiders, he’s ready to give up. He never expected to be saved by an angel with golden hair and a smile to rival the sun. Finding purpose once again in being Brady’s guardian, his protector, Grim vows to get his new companion safely to the refuge, but he never expected to lose his heart in the process.

Love isn’t always easy, though, a fact Brady quickly discovers. Wading through a new, complicated relationship is hard enough, but now, he’s not sure who to trust—who is friend and who is foe. One hard truth becomes glaringly obvious not long after his arrival. Within these walls, there is no life or death, there is only survival.

Welcome to Purgatory.
Chapter LINK

Forest has been on his own since the world came crashing down months ago. Trusting someone was
never on his list of things to-do but finding his sister definitely is. His trip to New Orleans is filled with peril but it’s about to get even more interesting when he meets a new friend and protector on the causeway.

Manny never expected to play bodyguard to a beautiful blond with more than a few submissive tendencies. With demons of his own to battle, it’s been hard fighting off Forest’s as well. However, he hears about a place where they might finally be safe enough to deal with their issues.

Camp Purgatory offers security and a new way of life. However, it is not what is in the brochure that they really have to worry about.

Chapter LINK

WHEW! Lord, that was a lot of info. If you're still with me, here is the writing schedule. I've got a lot of fun coming up and the schedule is insane but I love you guys, so yeah. Here is the first quarter writing schedule, subject to change due to my crazy Muse's slut bag whims. 

For Jana Downs: I've got the new Deadzone, the last of the His Guardian Angels series, the last of the Unexpected Angels series, and another Owned series. Hopefully the new Ravyns as well but they've gone off reservation and I have no idea where they've run off to. J. Roman will be getting some action at the first of the year. *happy dance* And last but not least Skye has a Valentine's day story that will rock your socks off.