Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lexi DeHalo Awesomeness and Contest Time!

In celebration of my latest release, I have decided to offer up some never before seen excerpts. There’s also a contest currently running for a chance to win a free copy of Last Kiss Goodbye. To enter the contest, just click the link below and leave a comment at the end of the post with your email address. The contest ends on January 8th so enter while you still can and enjoy!

-Lexi DeHalo


“Where are you going?” Marcus asked with genuine concern.
Karson shrugged. “Does it matter?” The coldness in his tone was the only way he could mask what he really felt.
“Of course it matters.” Marcus pursed his lips as he leaned in closer. Too close. Karson inhaled his scent and a rush of desire spiked through his body. His head was spinning and he could feel himself slipping into old habits. If he didn’t get out of here soon, he was liable to do something he would regret. His hand gripped the door knob as he took a desperate step away from him.
“Goodbye, Marcus.” He forced the words out of his mouth as he choked back tears.
“Wait, do you have a place to stay?”
He didn’t, but he wasn’t about to tell Marcus that. His mate didn’t need to spend any more time worrying about him. “I’ll be fine. Don’t worry.”
He turned the knob and pulled open the door, but Marcus’s hand stopped him, pushing the door back shut.
“You’re lying,” Marcus accused. Karson’s gaze flickered to his. After all these years, he was still an open book to the man.
“I’ll survive,” Karson said with finality.
“Stay with me. Stay here, just until you get back on your feet.”
Karson’s lips twitched as he tried to suppress the smile. His mate’s offer was generous, but he couldn’t accept it. “I’m really doing okay. I don’t need your help.”
Marcus raised an eyebrow. “Your messy hair, dirty shirt, and torn jeans say otherwise. Just stay for a few days, Karson.”
“Why?” Karson turned to face his mate. “Why would you be so kind to me after everything we’ve been through? After everything I put you through?”
He had to know what his mate was thinking. He needed to hear it from him.
Marcus shrugged. “Because, Karson. You’re my mate and even though we might be over, I still care about what happens to you.”

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